Many, many clients have asked me why they are with their partner. From a spiritual point of view there are typically two reasons people come together intimately. Simply, but not always so pleasant…to heal past wounds and to heal and/or complete karma. Both can lead to a whole heap of unhappiness if we don’t know how to work through it.

Most people choose their partner based on childhood wounding that is unhealed or unresolved. Often, we are completely unaware that we carry this trauma with us into adulthood. We need to heal the wounds within ourselves and one great way to do that is with the help of your partner. You can be triggered by the personality traits that you see in your partner when his/her behavior mirrors the personalities of one or both parents, or yourself. If you do not deal with your perspective childhood wounding within this relationship it is okay…just know that someone else will come along that will most likely trigger the exact same issues within you until they are healed.

Many couples are also attracted to each other because of karmic agreements and obligations. When karma is involved, it is usually best for the partners to learn to work through the problems they are having until the karma has been completed. Why is this? The couples who give up before karma with one another is complete are frequently the ones who end up with another partner who is the spitting image of the previous one.

Many of the same traits that were intolerable in one partner are now blurred by love endorphins from another. Eventually, the love fades and they find themselves in a similar unhappiness as before. The Divine can help you make sense of all of this, giving you energetic insight on what needs to be healed and how to best approach it. “They” (the Divine) typically know what will help you work through the issues necessary for your spiritual growth as well as that of the others involved.

This work has the ability to clear numerous past lives, personality conflicts, and previous trauma within a single session. Intuitive Soul Healing works not only within the realm of intimate relationships, but also that of siblings, parent and child, friends, or any combination of two or more people.