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If I am not contributing to your happiness please contact me and let’s talk…I’m sure we can find a resolution.

Until then…by using this site you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

Copyright and Trademark

All website content, course material, information products, and artwork has been either copyrighted and/or trademarked. This means that it is not to be reproduced or distributed in any way without the written consent of Tammy Andersen or One Stop Healing Shop, LLC. This includes but is not limited to: documents, training materials, graphics, sounds, videos, art, images, photographs and articles. Any quotes taken from the site or any other materials therein must contain appropriate identification of the author and website. All requests to use our information, needs to done through the contact form below.

You agree to notify us of any unauthorized use of course materials, artwork, photography, or information contained within this website, marketing materials, etc. Information contained within courses, workshops, training materials is not to be reproduced or shared in any way. This is your private material and is intended for your own personal use.
In the case of custom or commissioned artwork, the artist retains all copyrights to the image after you have purchased the painting. You are not allowed to reproduce or resell the image in anyway unless you have contacted the artist using the form below and have obtained written consent. Please note that as the artist retains all copyrights to the image this means that the image you purchased  may be used for future products, marketing or advertising as seen fit by the artist.


Your communication with us through email, video, artwork, verbal or written correspondence is subject to being used for training, expanding pubic knowledge, advertising and marketing purposes without compensation and without geographic or time limitations . You give full consent to use or replicate any likeness of you for commercial purposes as a participant of any course or program, or use of any products or services. We will not include the use of your real name, location or other personal information, except in the case of testimonials for marketing purposes. I also grant One Stop Healing Shop, LLC permission to use my personal testimonies provided by myself.


Legal Disclaimers

General All services, products, programs, and information on the site(s) are provided as is, without warranties. We make no guarantees regarding effectiveness or outcomes of any service, product, programs, or information. We do not endorse or monitor third party services, products, programs, or information contained within the sites. Under no circumstance will Tammy Andersen or One Stop Healing Shop, LLC be liable for your use of any of the materials on our sites. You agree that you will hold us harmless from any liability, loss, or claim, including legal fees arising from your use of our website. You agree that your use of all of our websites is at your sole discretion. The products and training programs on this site are powerful healing tools that can be turned into a viable business. However, we claim no responsibility for financial projections you think can be met with this training, expectations of specified outcomes, or any guarantee of healing. You understand that testimonials, examples of what people have earned, or healing miracles are not predictable and are examples of exceptions, and not necessarily the typical experience. Your success with the materials on the site is dependent on a variety of factors. We make every attempt to help you understand and apply the material in a way that is best suited for you. We do not make any claim that you will heal yourself or others in any way or will make a living following our training. Tammy Andersen and One Stop Healing Shop, LLC makes every attempt to keep the sites free of any harmful viruses. We take no responsibility for any loss or damage due to other’s malicious attacks, or to the effectiveness of the website in general.

Audio MP3 recordings
Purchasers and users of the audio MP3 recordings from Tammy Andersen or agree that these audio recordings are designed solely for relaxation and self-improvement. Under no circumstance are these audio recordings or techniques intended to be a substitute or replacement for qualified medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Seek advice from a licensed physician before using this product if you are:

  1. Prone to having or have had seizures, heart conditions, or emotional/mental disorders.
  2. Under the influence of medication or drugs.
  3. Pregnant.
  4. Under the age of 18: Children should be examined by a qualified physician for illnesses that may contribute to seizures prior to the use of meditation audio recordings. Legal guardians assume all responsibility for children under the age of 18.

DO NOT listen to any mediation audio recordings while driving or operating machinery. DO NOT use any meditation audio recordings while under the influence of alcohol or other mood altering substances even if they are legal.

The user of meditation audio recordings assumes all liability in using audio recordings. By using these meditations, you waive any claims against Tammy Andersen or One Stop Healing Shop, LLC and its affiliates.  The user also agrees to assume liabilities when allowing other persons access to the audio recordings. In no case will Tammy Andersen or One Stop Healing Shop, LLC or affiliates be liable for any type of damages resulting from use, misuse or defect of its software, instructions or documentation.

These sites are an educational service that provides general information for entertainment purposes only. The content on the sites, services, products, or programs are not intended as a substitute for professional medical and/or psychiatric care. None of the techniques should be used without consent from your health care provider. Intuitive findings and readings are for entertainment only, and are not intended to diagnose, prescribe, or provide specific advice regarding physical or mental health. Tammy Andersen does not prescribing medication, diagnose conditions, perform surgery, or practice medicine. Tammy Andersen is not a doctor. These healing services are not licensed by any government body. Seek out medical attention promptly when needed by a licensed professional. There may be unknown risks involved for people with pre-existing conditions or who are in poor physical or emotional health. If you choose to participate, you assume all responsibility for taking such risks. When choosing a healer, please do not open yourself to that person’s energy or give your personal power away. Only allow yourself to be open to pure Divine energy that is for your highest soul purpose. If you are experiencing severe “healing reactions” as many healers call it, you are not receiving only pure Divine healing. Please take responsibility for your own healing journey.

I agree to assume full responsibility for any and all risks, injuries or damages, known or unknown, which may occur as a result of my participation in events (retreat, workshop, online class, etc) held by One Stop Healing Shop, LLC. I and my heirs, and/or legal representatives forever release waive, discharge One Stop healing Shop, LLC for any injury or death caused by negligence or other acts. I further acknowledge that no medical condition would prevent me from full participation in events held by One Stop Healing Shop, LLC

Informed Consent

As a client you have the right to:
a. Ask questions about any procedures.
b. Refuse treatment at any time. When possible, you will be provided with the names of other qualified professionals.
c. End art therapy at any time without any legal or financial obligations other than those already accrued.
d. Have your personal information kept confidential.
e. Request your records to be released to any person or agency you designate.

Within the limits of the law, information revealed by participants in group therapy will be kept strictly confidential by the therapist. Your personal information will not be revealed to any person outside of the group or to any outside agency without your written permission. Please note that there are certain situations in which the therapist is required by law to reveal information obtained during therapy to other persons or agencies without your permission.
These situations are as follows:
a. If you threaten bodily harm or death to another person.
b. When specifically required by law to provide the information described in a court order.
c. Information pertaining to child abuse, child neglect, or elder abuse.
d. When you are in therapy by court order, the treatment plan and outcomes may need to be revealed to the court.
e. When you are seek insurance reimbursement, confidential information will be relayed to the insurance company.

An inherent risk with group therapy is the confidentiality of information disclosed. All group members verbally agree to hold information disclosed as confidential but law and ethics do not bind this agreement.

Tammy and One Stop Healing Shop, LLC maintain a social media persona through several social media channels. Client’s take responsibility for their interactions on these sites and do not divulge personal information through public interaction or private messengers.


Despite following Hipaa guidelines while respecting your need for confidentiality, Tammy Andersen and One Stop Healing Shop, LLC assume no liability for security breaches via website hosting, electronic forms, text messages, email, phone, or video/audio correspondence or social media sites.

At the onset of therapy, specific treatment goals are established usually revolving around a specific presenting problem. Major benefits that may be gained from participating in art therapy may include, but are not limited to, a better ability to cope with stress, enhanced communication and interpersonal relationships, increased happiness and overall sense of well-being. Other benefits relate to the probable outcomes resulting from resolving specific concerns brought to therapy, especially related to trauma resolution.
Due to the nature of art therapy, especially when combined with the power of spiritual healing work many issues are resolved quickly and easily. Other times, the process may involve experiencing feelings of discomfort. Therapeutically resolving unpleasant events, relationship problems, and other obstacles may cause intense feelings. Seeking to resolve problems can lead to discomfort as well as relationship changes that may not be originally intended. Please make sure to alert your therapist to any unpleasant feelings or intentions of hurting yourself or others.

If you have any complaints regarding your art therapy or healing experience please contact Tammy Andersen at (608) 279-9213 or email

Tammy is a licensed art therapist who is registered by the American Art Therapy Association and nationally board certified by the Art Therapy Credentials Board.

You may withdraw or refuse your informed consent at any time. When informed consent is refused or withdrawn, no retaliation will be made against you.

Please feel free to ask any questions that you have concerning the proposed services and products and make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions of herein. If requested, you may have a digital or printed copy of this information.

Cancellation and Refund Policy


  1. Custom or Commissioned artwork, which includes curative art are not returnable due to the time and energy this process requires. Payment is due upon ordering.
  2. Unopened products in resale-able condition (condition it was purchased in) are returnable within 30 days of purchase.

  1. Registration fees for all training programs are non-refundable. If tuition was paid in full, the tuition will be refunded minus the registration fee within 30 days of the program start date. There are no refunds after 30 days prior to the training.
  2. If in the event that Tammy Andersen or One Stop Healing Shop, LLC must reschedule live or online courses, your tuition will be either refunded or applied to a future purchase (your choice).

  1. Any monthly or annual memberships must be cancelled within 14 business days of the end of the billing cycle to not be charged for the next billing cycle.


  1. If you cancel more than 24 hours prior to a session, your online payment will be applied to your next purchase. If you cancel a session less than 24 hours prior to the session or do not show up, the fee will be retained in full.
  2. Tardiness: If you arrive late to an appointment, please know that your appointment will not go past your designated time. Tammy will wait no more than 15 minutes before declaring a “no show”.
  3. If Tammy Andersen or One Stop Healing Shop, LLC needs to cancel, you will have the choice to reschedule or receive a full refund.

Gift Certificates

  1. All gift certificates are non-refundable but are transferable. Gift certificates expire within five years of purchase. Please note that all current prices at time of service – not time of purchase – will apply.

Pricing and Payment

You agree to pay all charges you have incurred by working with Tammy Andersen or One Stop Healing Shop, LLC in accordance to billing terms in effect at the time of purchase. You will provide us with current shipping and billing information and payment information as well as notify us of any changes. If your credit card or billing is declined, we reserve the right to terminate services and programs. If your credit card or identity has been stolen, it is your responsibility to close or transfer your account to another form of payment with us. Paying for Online Purchases Online purchases must be paid for at time of ordering.  All online or distance sessions must be paid for when the session is scheduled or time will not be booked. Sessions will not be completed until paid for. If a check is sent, your session will not be booked until the check is received and has cleared. Paying for In Person Sessions We accept online payment with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account) at the time the session is scheduled. Online purchases for in person sessions must be made in full when scheduling the session or your time slot will not be booked. We do accept credit card and check at the time of in person sessions. Shipping Most items are shipped flat in boxes or padded envelopes. All paper prints are shipped rolled unless otherwise specified. USPS is our preferred method of shipping, but will use UPS or FedEx for larger canvas paintings. Shipping charges are automatically calculated based on the size and weight of the item, and will be added to your total in the shopping cart.

Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of the users of this site by upholding strict guidelines set by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) for internet policies and procedures. Tammy Andersen and One Stop Healing Shop, LLC follow the general rules listed below:

  1. We don’t ask for your personal information unless we need it (ie. to complete a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, etc).
  2. We don’t share your personal information with anyone except to comply with the law (we are required to report any unlawful act to authorities).
  3. We don’t store personal information on our servers unless it is required for services you have purchased or requested.
  4. We use Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, a powerful encryption protocol that protects data as it travels over the internet.

How do we protect your privacy? The type of information we collect from you includes information that is:

  1. Directly collected from you through opt-in forms, registrations, applications or purchases. This information may include: legal name, full address, email address, phone number, date of birth, gender; financial information, such as: credit card numbers, expiration dates and any other information needed to fulfill your transaction with the website(s).
  2. Indirectly collected through your IP address (a number assigned to your computer whenever you are connected to the worldwide web). and and related sites use cookies, which are bits of electronic information and web bugs that allow a website to transfer data to the users computer. This is common internet practice by online stores to help customize a customer’s shopping experience. This way the website remembers and records personal preferences and creates a more pleasant shopping experience for you. (Please note that you can often change your web browser to notify you when cookies are sent to your computer or to deny cookies). We may retain your information to help us diagnose problems with our servers or to gather broad geographical information for targeted marketing practices. The general data collected from you may be used to contact you about new services, products, or changes to the website.

Who do we share your information with? We will not give your information to third parties without your consent unless:

  1. We must divulge your information for the purposes of any valid legal request (ie. search warrant, subpoena, or court order). We will also report any attempted breach of security of the sites, or any threat to your safety or Tammy Andersen or One Stop Healing Shop, LLC and related sites and materials.
  2. Although we do not disclose personal information about you to anyone, we may use the general information collected to create statistics regarding our sites and business activity. This is may be shared with others we contract with for the purposes of advertising, marketing, and promotions.
  3. In the event, Tammy Andersen or One Stop Healing Shop, LLC goes through a business transaction (ie. merger or acquisition by another company, transfer by heir ship, or sale of partial assets) all information directly or indirectly collected from you will likely be included in the assets transferred through new ownership.

Membership Sites and Forums You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your passwords, and course materials for all memberships, forums, and programs. You agree to notify us of any unauthorized use of your passwords, course materials, or private information. Information contained within courses, workshops, training materials is not to be reproduced or shared in any way. This is your private material. If you give out personal information within any of the forums, social media groups or membership sites, you are making your information public among members. You disclose such information at your own risk. We are not responsible for content added through our forums, message boards, chat rooms, or member areas. We are not responsible for screening material, but will make every effort to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for all. The intended purpose of such areas is for community and support, and not for complaining, negative engagement, or harassment.

How do you opt-out from correspondence with Tammy Andersen or One Stop Healing Shop, LLC?
It is important to note that even after you have opted-in for any reason (ie. purchase of product or service, or opt-in for free information/newsletters, etc) you have the right to opt-out at any time. If at any time you no longer want to be part of our mailing list and would like to “opt-out” of future correspondence, or you want to update your information with us you may use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email or make your request via the contact form below.

Many of the emails you receive from us are hooked up to an autoresponder.  The emails that go through an autoresponder will have an opt-out link at the bottom of the email.

Privacy of Minor Children
Website content, with the exclusion of our children’s programs, is not directed at children under the age of 18. If you are a child or teen under the age of 18, you are required to have your parent or guardian contact us using the form below. If we become aware that we have collected information from a minor without permission from a parent or legal guardian, we will remove it from our databases immediately.

Links to other sites
Users may find advertising, affiliate information, and links to others content on our sites. We do not control these sites; they have their own terms and conditions of use, and customer service. Please review their company policies before using their sites. We do not endorse or take any responsibility for the content on their sites. We make every attempt to make your experience at and related websites an enjoyable one. We make every attempt to list links and affiliates who we have found to be helpful to us or our clients in the past. In some cases, we may receive compensation for the sale of affiliate’s products. Please contact us using the form below if you find any of the external links, or outside materials offensive in anyway. Please use due diligence when following links or purchasing from an affiliate you have found on one of our sites.

Termination of your use of the website

You agree that you will not hold us liable for suspension, termination and removal of your account information based on your behavior. This is a community of love, and all must uphold this vibration.

Affiliate/Referral Program

By filling out the affiliate signup form you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions, understand, and agree with them. contact: for any questions or concerns.
When You Join the Program
When you fill out the signup form and are approved, you are an “affiliate” and are bound by the terms of this agreement. Your participation in the affiliate program entitles you to legally advertise this website to receive a commission on products that offer an affiliate commission purchased by your referred clients.
Affiliate Responsibilities

It is understood that you will introduce Tammy Andersen, her services and products to your current and prospective customers if you have experienced such services/products and feel in your heart it is right to do so. You will at all times comply with all laws as well those that govern email marketing and anti-spam laws. Tammy Andersen reserves the right to accept or reject any prospective customers. Tammy will pay you a commission per customer referred when a purchase of an approved product is made using your affiliate code according to the designated payment schedule.

Either Tammy Andersen or you may terminate the Affiliate relationship at any time. You are only eligible to earn Affiliate payments during your time as an approved Affiliate. Tammy Andersen may change the program or service policies and operating procedures at any time.

Affiliate Relationship and Liability
This Affiliate relationship is one of independent contractors. Tammy Andersen, et all will not be liable for direct, indirect, or consequential damages of any kind. The aggregate liability arising with respect to this program will not exceed the total referral fees paid or payable to you.

Tammy Andersen will not be liable for indirect or accidental damages pertaining to loss of revenue and/or commissions due to affiliate tracking failures, loss of database files, and any results of “intents of harm” to the program or her website. Tammy Andersen does not make any warranties of any kind with respect to the affiliate program and/or products sold at this site. Tammy Andersen attempts to keep the operation of the affiliate program and the website error-free and working smoothly, but makes no guarantee as such. Tammy Andersen will not be held liable for any interruptions or errors.

Tammy Andersen and One Stop Healing Shop, LLC are located in the United States. The affiliate program is governed by the laws of the United States and commissions are paid in US Dollars.
Revocation of Affiliate Status
Your affiliate application and status in the program may be suspended or terminated for any of the following reasons:
• Inappropriate advertisements to include false claims, misleading hyperlinks, broken hyperlinks
• Illegal spamming (mass email, mass newsgroup posting, etc.) will not be tolerated
• Advertising on sites containing/promoting illegal activities
• Advertising on inappropriate sites promoting content related to gambling, drug/alcohol use, pornography
• Violation of intellectual property rights
• Inability to setup links or refer clients to Tammy Andersen (lack of performance)
• Inability to market with integrity that parallels or supports Tammy’s spiritual teaching

Affiliate Links
You may use graphic and text links both on your website and in emails. The site may also be advertised “offline” in classified ads, magazines, and newspapers, etc. Tammy Andersen prefers the use of the graphics and text provided for you in your affiliate dashboard. You may create your own, especially for links, but Tammy Andersen requests you use her image links to promote continuous brand identity.
Affiliate Tracking
When a web surfer clicks through your affiliate link, a cookie is set in their browser that contains your affiliate username. Also, their IP address is tracked in the database along with your affiliate name. When this person decides to buy a product, the script will look for this cookie and/or try to match their IP address to identify the affiliate who will be awarded the commission. Even if they purchase at a later date, the commission will still be awarded if the cookie is present in their browser and/or they are using the same IP address. Tammy Andersen offers lifetime cookies, and offer commission for repurchases and recurring billing items that are part of the program.
Terms of the agreement
These terms will begin upon your signup with the affiliate program and will end when your affiliate account is terminated. The terms of this agreement may be changed by Tammy Andersen at any time. Your continuing participation in the program will constitute your acceptance of any change.