What does it mean to honor grief and why would we want to do that?

Loss is painful, especially when we love somebody so much that we can’t imagine our life without that person. Loss is painful, especially when it seems unfair like in the case of a child dying before the parents, or when somebody was “too young”. Loss is painful, especially when we have unresolved feelings and now that person is gone and we don’t have closure. Loss is painful, when we thought it should be a certain way and it isn’t like when a spouse dies before retirement dreams could be completed. Loss is painful, especially when it was a sudden death and the person was snatched away from you without warning. Loss is painful, especially when we keep getting stuck in memories or trapped thinking about how things should have been.¬†

You get the picture, right? Let’s face it, loss hurts period! But, when loss is coupled with extenuating circumstances like those listed above, loss is downright painful, sometimes seemingly unbearable. There is good news. Intuitive healing is very effective in removing obstacles like thinking your loss is unfair, so you can heal the grief that is keeping you from happiness. Seriously, would your loved one want¬† you to be miserable. Not a chance.

We want to honor grief because without it you would not know joy or love.
Why do we grieve? Simply because we love.

In this workshop we will be honoring the person who is gone, honoring those who loved that person (especially you),
and honoring the path in front of you.

We will be art journalling to help us express our inner most thoughts and feelings regarding life and death, being left behind, and the undeniable question of what do I do now. If you are not artsy fartsy, don’t worry because bsolutely no art experience is needed.

Through mediumship, we will explore what it means to die, why your loved ones passed, where they are now, what they are doing, why they left when they did, and what they need to say. You will have an opportunity to see/hear/feel them again, and learn a technique that will help you continue your connection with them if you choose.

Most of all, over the eight week group, we will take great care to make sure each person has the attention they need, and receives the healing that is necessary to create a new, amazing life. We will also have a Facebook group for your to interact and support each other as needed.