Free Yourself from Traumatic Memory


Trauma is a past experience that has a negatively charged memory with it. Trauma causes disruption in both people’s lives and their energetic fields. Trauma involves wounding of the body, mind/emotions, and/or soul. Discomfort can range from mild anxiety or fear, a feeling that you or something has changed after the traumatic event, all the way to full-blown nightmares, flashbacks, panic attacks , hyper-vigilance, and an overall feeling of being unsafe. Tammy often sees splits or fragments in both the personality and physical body. The personality splits off into parts of our selves, and are usually very willing to heal and reintegrate with the whole, making you stronger. Tammy has described the body fragmentation like a fractured pane of glass that stays together (like a car’s windshield).  

After a physical trauma has healed, emotional trauma may linger for weeks, months, years, or even a lifetime. As an example, a physical accident that results in a near death experience may have affected not only the physical body, but also the mind, the emotional state, and the spiritual health of the person. Childhood sexual abuse usually causes severe wounding within the entire being, as does the trauma of war. The trauma of the incident can be neutralized as to leave the memory, but it will no longer have a negative impact on you. The memory needs to stay intact, because it is through difficult experiences that we learn and grow. It is partly what makes you, you. However, there is no need to continue to be traumatized long after the traumatic event. It is okay to move through it and come out stronger and healthier than ever before.

From an energetic perspective, Tammy sees trauma as a block that prevents you from growing, expanding and evolving. Trauma in the energetic field can be seen as a disruption in normal functioning. It is often found where memories are stored, but there is no organization to traumatic memory which is unlike the energy of healthy memory. The degree to which it will affect you is based equally on your perception of the situation that caused the trauma, as well as the energetic disturbance it has caused to your being.

The most important thing is to remember that you deserve peace, you deserve to love freely and be loved without traumatic memory blocking the way. There can be life after trauma.