Do you have one or more of the following?

♥  Fears and anxiety that have no know cause.
♥  Learning disabilities or autism.
  Chronic physical health problems that have lasted for more than a year.
♥  Chronic mental health problems that have lasted more than a year.

If so, this service was created for you. Crystalline Healing is a specialty service for individuals who want intensive healing for an inexplicable or chronic condition. For seven days, Tammy will go into trance through meditation to hold space for the Divine to perform a complete healing for you. Each person and situation is different, so it is impossible to say exactly what will heal, but here are some examples of what may happen.

DAY ONE Your higher soul self  and Divine guides will be summoned to assist in the process. Akashic records will be accessed regarding any contracts or agreements that may have created or allowed the situation. Your soul self will unveil any soul aspects (other than this lifetime) that may play a role. Your etheric blueprint, holograph, golden grid, auric field, and spiritual slate will be scanned for any impurities. You will be given findings and recommendations by email.

DAY TWO Angelic Blessings will take place, a request for resolution of the issue will be made. The origin of the issue will be revealed and resolved. A cleansing, purification and re-calibration of all mental or physical energetic systems will take place over a 24 hour period (approximately). You will be given recommendations by email.

DAY THREE An auric re-establishment will take place, and then your Divine representation will be re-created from your holograph. You may receive an angelic script to work with for the next three days. Daily living, behavioral, dietary intuitive recommendations will begin.  Your emotional self will receive healing to overcome any thoughts of, “I can’t” make these changes. Your heart will likely begin to expand, and you may be given homework regarding this process. You will receive findings by email.

DAY FOUR Unification of self (mind, body, and soul) will begin in the reflection of Divine love. You will need to rest on this day, make sure you get plenty of fresh spring water and protein. Stay away from negative influences and by this time you will have received spiritual prayers or to work with. This is a good day for creative activities like art, music, reading, etc that are of a positive nature.

DAY FIVE Angelic Blessings regarding opening to love and joy will be completed. Rewiring of the Divine codes related to emotional/mental health will be completed, which will likely help you move forward in a positive direction. The new crystalline structure which is based on Divine sacred geometry will begin to form. This will contain the new patterns of health and well being.

DAY SIX The crystalline structure will continue to develop. Clients often witness a beautifully intricate colored web surrounding them which they become connected to. This structure is made from pure Divine love, which can be used for bringing more love into your life.

DAY SEVEN Everything that has been completed on your behalf over the past seven days energetically comes forward to meld with your present day self to help you integrate the changes more rapidly and easily. Your crystalline structure is completed and you are given instructions on how to proceed from here.

Angelic Blessings will be said on your behalf for four days following your Crystalline Clearing. You will be contacted if any follow-up work is needed. This would typically involve changing long standing difficult patterns or working with complex personality traits.

***For 11 days you will need to refrain from using alcohol and other mind altering substances.