Journey from within to the colorful expression of the soul without.


What if you could hear your higher soul self?
What if you could learn to listen in a new way?
What if you felt guided by something greater than you?
Would your life look or feel different?


In this eight week online course, you will learn to connect with your higher soul self. You will learn to listen, really listen to your inner voice of your Divine heart. What makes you sing? What makes you excited? What makes you alive?

It is easy to get caught up in life. We are so busy being lovers, parents, children, grandchildren, employees, and entrepreneurs that we forget who we are. We lose sight of what makes us happy and  why we are here? Busyness and over-extension of self eventually leads to burn out, and questioning who we have become. Are you living the life you want? Are you living the life you once dreamed about? Has your life turned out the way you intended?

Maybe you are at a crossroads, trying to decide what’s next or maybe you feel unfulfilled, or just want to explore your inner being. All of these are good reasons to join this class. When we are not in alignment with our higher soul self or our Divine plan, we will likely feel any combination of: anxious, fearful, angry, regretful, depressed, unfulfilled, like there must be more, or something is missing.

We will make art together as we heal and release our old, worn out ways of being. Anxiety, fear, anger, sadness and despair are replaced with calm, love, peace and acceptance. Why? Because you are giving yourself a gift of time. Time to explore you and why you have come here. Have you been living in accordance to your Divine plan? Have you been following the intuitive guidance of your higher soul self? If not, now is the time! 

Course Outline:

Week 1
Introduction to art materials and why we are using what we are. Overview and self-exploration of what is and is not          working in your life. What do you want your life to look like?
Week 2
Meet your higher soul self. What does she/he have to say? What art/writing exercises help you to connect with your Divinity.
Week 3
Tell me more? What is your story? What do you need to no longer be your story, but instead to rise above it?
Week 4
What needs healing? Where do you get stuck?
Week 5
 What are your passions?
Week 6
What is your purpose? Why did you incarnate?
Week 7
How will your higher soul self guide you in the future?
Week 8
Celebrate YOU!!!!