If you have had a session with Tammy before...

You are in the right place.

What to expect from follow-up sessions with Tammy…


   Even though for many, a single session is all they need…the more you work with Tammy, the deeper you can go and the better you will feel. If you have a new situation that arises and have a question about how much time you may need, please feel free to email Tammy and she can give you an idea of how much time will be needed. Follow-up sessions range from fifteen minutes to two hours in length and are billed accordingly. All sessions involve Divine connection on your behalf, and intense healing with intuitive recommendations. Spirit will continue your healing after the session, and you may feel energetic shifts for weeks following the session.

  Please understand that Spirit may begin working on you well before the session in an effort to prepare you for the healing…even as early as when you first schedule. In addition, Tammy always begins her work with you up to 30 minutes before your scheduled time by clearing any extraneous energies and saying an angelic blessing on your behalf.

  Remember, there is no “typical” session as no two of you are alike and Tammy is truly guided by Spirit. If you choose to have more than one session, know that each session may also vary depending on what is being addressed. You will most likely experience a general feeling of peace and unconditional love, and may have increased recognition of specific Divine beings with each additional session.

  Divine connection may include your guides and deceased loved ones, Tammy’s guides, entire hierarchy of angels and ascended masters/goddesses, medical specialists, karmic councils and spiritual committees. Whoever comes through or doesn’t come through is exactly who you need to hear from and is completely orchestrated by the Divine.

   You will likely be given instructions to support your healing as your session comes to a close. Please allow time immediately following your session to relax, allowing the healing to fully integrate. This is a great time for you to reflect on any changes you want to make, as well as everything you are grateful for.

General Instructions to help you get the most benefit from your healing...

  Please allow plenty of time before and after your session to relax and allow yourself to acclimate to the change in vibration. Most people want to rest immediately following the appointment. Extra spring water and and clean protein on the day of your session will help you feel more grounded. Please make sure you are hydrated before the session, and stay hydrated the week following the healing. By doing so, you allow the energy to flow quicker and the physical body to adjust more easily to the changes that are being made.

  Please refrain from the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, or extreme sexual activity 24 hours before and after your session unless otherwise instructed by Spirit. If this is a problem, please discuss your concerns with Tammy.

  At the end of the session, you will likely be given specific suggestions for your continued healing. The energy typically continues for several days or even weeks following a session.