First, I want you to understand that YOU deserve to be happy, healthy, to love and be loved!

Second, by healing yourself you heal others and make the world a better place.

Third, Where you begin your work with the Divine will depend on where you have been.

There are several ways you can begin your work with Tammy:


Healed by Angels is a unique course where you will receive healing for 8 weeks while you learn to heal yourself. This is very cost effective because it is facilitated in an online group setting. Each person will receive exactly what the Divine feels they need, but I do not do any individualized readings, medical intuitive scans or feedback during this course like I do during an individual session. I recommend this course to you if you are just starting with healing work as it provides an excellent foundation. I also recommend it for you if you have chronic health problems, emotional/mental health issues, or sense energy/spirits. Even though this is a basic course, advanced healers have also benefited because of the amount of healing that takes place throughout the course as well as Divine techniques you will learn.

Individual sessions are 100% tailored to you and your needs. Intuitive Soul Healing incorporates medical intuitive scanning, mediumship, spiritual clearing, energy balancing and of course healing into an individualized session specifically for you. If you want or need individualized attention, scheduling an individual session is the way to go.

Curative Art comes two ways:  1. alchemical art prints (created for the general public but focuses on specific outcomes, or 2. custom art which is a painting created specifically for you and only you. Both offer powerful healing and great results.

The Sanctuary is the meeting place for Divine healing and infusions of love. It is open to everybody, but is intended specifically for my clients and students to continue their spiritual growth and healing.