Near Death Experiences (NDE) often create strong and even overwhelming fear/terror, anger, confusion and a lot of unanswered questions. From one who has lived it, I can tell you that life can be pleasurable again. As a matter of fact, your life can become more rewarding and fulfilling than ever before. Even the lucky individuals who have a positive NDE and a support system to help them understand it will find their life changed forever.

For me, the accident was a wake-up call to open to my soul self. To love and be loved in ways I had never experienced was necessary for me to become the spiritual teacher I am continually evolving into. Now, I teach from a place of love with my heart fully open like I never knew was possible. But, this didn’t happen overnight.

I was only seventeen when I was kicked in the face by the horse. I had my whole life planned, and when it all came to a crashing halt I was lost. I felt anger and hatred like never before. My entire identity was stripped away. I was in horrible physical pain and eventually developed phobias of everything medical or dental. I was easily frustrated by tasks I previously took for granted, like chewing and swallowing food.

Doctors advised my parents to distract me when I spoke about the Near Death Experiences (yes, I had two). I was terribly confused about why this had happened to me, and why nobody would talk about what really happened. For many years, I thought of the man with the intense blue eyes I spoke with while I struggled to find me again. From experience, I can tell you that if you don’t explore the meaning behind the NDE, you could be met with another situation that repeats the lessons you didn’t learn the first time.

Years after the accident,  I was lucky enough to find a mentor while in college who gently encouraged me to embrace my NDE. For me, the near death experiences were followed by fourteen years of chronic illness. When I couldn’t take it any longer, I finally surrendered to a higher power and asked for help.

Jesus again came forward and sent Archangel Gabriel to assist me. I found it most helpful to gain clarity about what happened and why from a spiritual viewpoint. I learned why I was still here which helped me move back into alignment with my soul purpose. Through intuitive healing work, the Divine will help you gain clarity regarding your spiritual experiences, soul purpose, and guide you to an incredibly fulfilling life.