Curative Art is the Language of the Soul

It reconnects you to the Divine and transports you to a place of deep healing.

Immerse yourself in it’s energy for as few as five minutes a day and see what happens.

Curative Art contains intense symbolic messaging through the use of angelic language. The symbols form codes that vibrate at a very high frequency, one in which the body and mind attempt to match. This art often contains many layers that are hidden in the work, which seem to evoke a subconscious curiosity which draws you further inward. As your focus deepens, your cells begin to resonate at a higher vibration. Most people naturally want to connect to their painting because it is the vibration we all came from…that of Divine love.

“People have used curative art to heal all kinds of ailments, and each time I am shocked by the outcome. Metal health and physical issues have been eased or alleviated completely. Other individuals have used them for spiritual cleansing, purification, protection, meditation, and spiritual growth. They work as a stand alone healing tool or complimentary to healing sessions and courses. And…I would absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to create one for you.” 


Curative Art comes two ways:


1.  Energy Portrait is a one of a kind painting created specifically for you based on your own healing needs.
2.  Alchemical Art is created to address generalized physical, emotional and spiritual issues.

  ***What is the main difference between the two? Energy Portraits are 100% just for you. Energy Portraits and Alchemical Art are both created from a meditative state and come with channeled messages, but ordering an energy portrait is the only way to get specific messages and guidance specifically for you. The alchemical Art will address specific topics such as: deep meditation, spiritual evolution, divine connection, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, seizures, depression, anxiety, etc but is created as a general healing tool and is not calibrated to your individual’s needs.

***What medium is used?  Tammy uses primarily water based media. When you order an energy portrait, you will receive an original acrylic painting on canvas that can be hung framed or unframed. You will have a choice of sizes at various prices. When you order an Alchemical  curative art, you will receive a signed reprint or poster of the original art which may be printed on paper or canvas depending on the image. The medium used in Alchemical curative art varies. It could be watercolor, acrylic, chalk, colored pencil, or mixed media depending on the image.

Tammy Painting Curative Art

What happens as Tammy is creating Curative Art?

♥  Each painting is created from a meditative space while Divine love and inspiration are channeled directly into the materials. The vibration of the colors, shapes, and textures create lasting transformation for whatever is in the best and highest good. For a custom energy portrait painting, specific information and healing codes specifically for you brought forth by your soul-self and your divine guides will also come through.

   A statement of inspiration, guidance, or message will come through for all curative art. For custom energy portrait, intuitive insights from your guides, loved ones, angels, and other Divine beings will come to fruition. You will receive these impressions along with directions on how to get the most out of your custom piece.

  Final touches will be made and an out pouring of Divine love will imbue every square inch of the painting. Before you incarnated into this life, your soul had a purpose in coming here. If you order a  custom energy portrait, Tammy will connect with your soul self to formulate specific intentions, embedding them into your portrait for greater ease of moving along your soul’s path.

“My portrait finally shows me a way of interpreting the swirling, spiraling, confused cloud I have lived in. What I see now is a streamlined, powerful vortex, where the evolution of life’s passages is no longer confused. I take time to listen to my portrait, to listen to the emotions it shares. I am attracted to go where it appears to want to take me, and then I no longer feel alone and powerless. Each time I work with it, something else is added and it seems to work as an energy accumulator, to help me on my way. Thank you for allowing your insights and talent to find such a powerful way to help us.”
Alice Galassi

Healer from Italy

The infused Divine loving energy, the colors, and the elements of design work together to create a masterful painting emanating high vibrations of healing energy specifically resonating with you on all levels of mind, body and soul.

Simply having your Curative Art near you raises your vibration within and around you thereby creating a more healthful state. Your body, your emotional state, your mental patterning, and spiritual self will be grateful.

“I wanted to thank you for the energy portrait and reading. I feel different somehow and very empowered. I hung it in my cubicle at work and can’t keep my eyes off of it. I am so grateful to have met you. I feel like I am embraced with more love than I have experienced in many years. Thank you. Blessed be.”
Kayla from Madison

Messages from the Divine…
Intuitive insight from your guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, loved ones and other Divine beings is channeled just for you when you purchase a custom energy portrait Curative Art piece.

Continual Healing for Mind, Body and Soul
…Your painting emits a continuous positive energy transmission indefinitely changing as you need it. In a sense it is like a Divine energy transmitter, constantly being recharged by the Divine.

Enhanced Connectedness with Self and Spirit
…All Curative Art will help open your heart to your Divine truth. Your custom energy portrait, created solely for you in the presence of your spiritual guides will further open you by becoming a bridge for communication with the Divine.

“My aunt suffered for many years with debilitating epileptic seizures that were not relieved by any drug available or numerous brain surgeries. As she aged, the seizures had gotten so bad that we feared for her living on her own. After only a few sessions with Tammy and a healing portrait, my darling aunt has been seizure free. The neurologists are stymied at the evident repair to her brain function. It is truly a miracle facilitated by the angel in human form! Bless you, Tammy and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
Grateful Niece from Nevada

Here are a few examples of custom Curative Art I was commissioned to paint for healing spaces, homes (meaning the whole family), and offices.

To the left, Tammy is pictured with International New York Times Best Selling Author Peggy McColl and her curative art. Peggy was deeply grateful  to receive her portrait. Peggy said it touched her heart, and she could feel the positive, loving energy coming from the painting. When Tammy explained that the Divine insight for her curative art came from Jesus, Peggy experienced body chills that confirmed for her that it was indeed Jesus.

Imagine how incredible it would feel to experience such immense love coming from a painting created specifically for you.


What would your custom Curative Art look like and

what Divine messages would you receive?

Alchemical Art 

Art that has curative properties for activating spiritual circuitry and
transmuting general ailments.

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