The presence of God/Source/Spirit/Divine in my life changed everything. This is in no way related to religion, but instead a deep knowing that there is so much more to this life than we will ever truly know. A wealth of knowledge that was previously inaccessible to me provided me with a whole different way of perceiving the world.

You are made up of a physical body and the personality, as well as the soul. What many don’t know, is that the soul contains all spiritual information about you. You are comprised of a perfectly organized energetic structure, which I have access to. The Divine has shown me how to read and interpret the vibrations and frequencies that create energy.

As a clinical art therapist, the majority of my work was with adjudicated adolescents. Many were sexually abused, some struggled with addictions and behavioral issues. I began seeing patterns beneath the surface and I soon realized that all problems stem from trauma. If the underlying problem was not addressed, the behavior would continue. This concept also applies to illness. An underlying condition that caused the illness is typically present. If the origin is not addressed the illness will continue to exist, become chronic or emerge as a separate illness.

Chronic disorganization to the perfectly organized energetic structure I spoke of earlier causes a disturbance within one’s spiritual field which in turn creates a negative ripple effect within the physical body and personality. Any type of trauma can cause disorganization. The implications are vast.

Accidents, illnesses and physical abuse caused by someone or something in the external environment create trauma with the physical structure which then moves into the other fields of existence. Emotional trauma such as verbal abuse, shaming, guilt consciousness and the like produce problems within the personality and all energetic structures connected to that personality. Spiritual trauma created by free will, karma, and human behavior affects the entire spiritual and human structure of all lifetimes.

Sexual trauma, extreme abuse and near death accidents often register as energetic chaos because these experiences are directly related to mortality. Death threatens the personality and mind because we are made to be separate from God so we can evolve through experiencing the human condition. In current times, we are being called to remember and reawaken to our God self so that we can heal the traumas we have endured. Traumatic memory exists on all energetic planes, and we now have the tools to gently heal the entire being. What a spectacularly wonderful opportunity this is.

Life is a series of cycles that involve birth, death, and rebirth. To fear it is not only unnecessary, but also detrimental to living in flow with the cycle of life. It is a common misconception that to heal means to overcome a specific malady. While this can be true, by applying the creative process to daily living we quickly learn that healing is part of life and is also a process. No life will be easy or go perfectly as planned. People contract illnesses, die, accidents happen, trauma happens. We are more capable of dealing with what arises when we stay flexible, and in flow. The deepest healing comes when we embrace that very process. By being in process, we no longer judge, fight or fear the universal law. Creative expression through the arts is the best way I know to stay in process with life. Art, music, dance, and play all provide a safe avenue for the exploration of oneself in relation to the universe through creativity.

Many people I meet are struggling like I was. For years following the accident, I ran from my feelings, emotions, thoughts, fears and myself. I deeply feared the unknown. Through my art I learned to “play” with what haunted me. I was able to express myself outwardly, look at it as separate from me, and accept it. I learned to love the shadow aspects of myself. The trauma around the accident softened, and I could breathe easier.

The small things, like flowers or insects, that are often overlooked also became an important focal point for my self expression. I hoped everybody would see the beauty in all things, no matter how seemingly insignificant they were.

Creative expression is necessary to have a healthy, well-rounded  process oriented existence. In addition, the art product itself can also offer healing properties. Everything contains an energetic signature, including the elements and principles of design. Symbols, like what are shown in the angelic scripts (images that contain angelic symbols as a remedy for specific ailments) also have frequencies that correspond and correct energetic disturbance. One of the ways I share Divine love with others is through my art. Below are a few examples of 4×6 Angelic Scripts and one fun journaling page.

My past which could be perceived as a culmination of negative life experiences has instead become my inspiration for the way in which I choose to live my life. Of course, Jesus was correct when he told me I was not finished with this lifetime. There was and still is so much I need to do, so many people I want to reach, and so much more love to share.  What about you?

So…love, love and more love is what the human experience is all about!
Art makes it all more beautiful!