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Life is too precious to be wasted on discomfort and discontentment. The Divine knows exactly what you need and has a solution to every problem.


Spiritual Healing Art by Visionary Tammy Andersen


Give yourself or someone you love a gift from Spirit. Imagine receiving a beautiful piece of art that offers continuous healing energy day and night.




With the Divine as your guide, you have the power to heal yourself. Unzip this innate power and learn to heal what is keeping you from feeling your best.



“Tammy has changed our lives forever, we are eternally grateful for all she has done for our family! In June of 2015, our 4 year old daughter had an EEG to find out what was happening to her. She would stop what she was doing and stare for a few seconds, this would occur multiple times a day. The EEG showed that our daughter was suffering from absence seizures.

We chose not to treat these seizures with medication. Instead Tammy started working with our daughter. The staring episodes started slowly subsiding and within 5 months we stopped seeing them. At our daughter’s last doctor appointment in January 2016 we told the neurologist that we hadn’t seen any staring episodes for 3 months.

He told us that was impossible,” she won’t grow out of absence seizures that quickly. She will have them into her teen years at least”. The neurologist ordered a 24hr EEG in February 2016. The results proved us correct. Our little girl is not having any episodes, without Tammy this would not have been possible!”

Tiffany Biskobing Yttri

“In 2007 I had my first attack of diverticulitis. Then in January and July 2014, I had more attacks. The infection in my colon caused pain and fever. I had a CT-scan, a colonoscopy and a lot of antibiotics. I was referred to a surgeon who told me I would need 12 inches of my colon removed. I did not want to have surgery, so I decided to have Tammy Andersen perform a healing on me. I was a bit skeptical as I lay back in the chair. I closed my eyes and prayed along, keeping myself open to the positive energy.

Afterwards I could feel a small amount of pain in my belly area. Tammy told me to relax and take it easy for at least two weeks. In September the doctor ordered another CT-scan, I was told that my diverticulitis was healed. It is now 2016 and I am fine. I’m so happy and grateful to Tammy for that healing.”

Sherry Rowley

Nurse's Aide from Wisconsin

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“I just want to tell you that the phone treatment for shingles worked. It was instantaneous. Anciently healing was done (I know this to be a fact) but had never experienced it personally. I am now a believer in the Life Force’s power to heal. I have written two books recently in which the life force was discussed, but until I called you I had never had a healing done by its power. It just reaffirms all that I have written about it. Thank you.”

E.J. Clark

Author from Tennessee