What do you do when the lights flicker or your television turns off for no reason? How about when you feel like somebody touched you, but you are alone in the room? Have you heard somebody call your name, but you are the only one there? Experiences like this can make the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up!

This can be very unnerving, leaving you to feel anxious or jumpy. Most people silently question what is happening or worse they ignore it all together. I have found that most often clients are afraid that others will think they are crazy if they talk about “the creepies”. The truth is that the majority of people will have experiences like this at some point in their lifetime. When we have paranormal experiences such as these, it is best to find somebody who works with spirits to help clarify what is happening.

Very often these occurrences are simply guides, deceased loved ones, Angels and other Divine beings who are trying to get your attention. They want to deliver a message, let you know they are with you, or help you with a problem. It is helpful to work with a skilled medium or communicator so that the beings can be accurately identified.

When the beings are not of Divine love and light, they will need to be cleared appropriately. By cleared I do not mean chased away with sage or angelic spray, I mean compassionately helped so they can move on. I talk the being through the process of crossing over and connect them with Divine helpers so he/she can go home and receive the care from the other side that they so desperately need.

It seems to put people at ease when I am able to see and communicate with the discarnates/ghosts/entities because it makes them feel like they really aren’t crazy. There also seems to be a sense of security because I literally see them which somehow makes people feel safer. What do I clear?

Honestly, anything that needs clearing. I have been called to clear: land, houses, apartments, old buildings, schools, furniture, the auras and energy fields of people and animals, you name it. I clear stagnant energy, beings, vortexes and portals when possible, and anything else energetic that gets in the way of living a peaceful and serene life. I work either through meditation at which time I send you an email summary of the work that has been done, or on-site depending on what Spirit suggests.