I want to take a moment of your time to THANK YOU for supporting my work.


By purchasing Intuitive Healing Sessions, Courses, Events, and Memberships to The Sanctuary you are investing in YOU. By doing so, you are making the world a better place where all things become possible. I hope you will take a moment with me to celebrate your decision to love yourself, because that is exactly what you have done by making your purchase today.

Your purchase has also made it possible for me to continue living my purpose and sharing Divine love with all who will accept it…for that, I am truly grateful.

You purchase has also made it possible for me to Pay It Forward by donating to charities I have researched, have found to be run from a place of heart and integrity, and who need the support. Sometimes, it simply means purchasing toys/clothes/food, baking, or creating “Blessing Bags” individuals who are homeless. How much more awesome does it get? 

So……from the deepest place within my Divine heart to yours, I want you to feel the GRATITUDE I have for you.

May the Angels Bless You,