One thing is for sure…WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!


How do you know if this is right for you?

It is the cold, hard truth that a lot of people don’t want to look at much less accept. We are all going to die.

Are you or somebody you love facing a life threatening illness or preparing for transition back into Spirit form? Do you want to feel peace around the idea of your own mortality or watching a loved one die? If so, this offering will be invaluable.

Spiritually, a lot happens on the other side as we prepare to die. Our loved ones, guides, and angels prepare for our arrival, celebration, and whatever we need to make a smooth transition. For some, it may involve an incubation time with Divine caregivers due to tragedy or emotional distress. For others, it is time to review the life just lived. In any event, we are happily greeted by an angelic escort and slowly immersed back into the pure Divine love we truly are, the same love we separated from to experience human life on Earth. The illusion of separateness fades away so that we can embrace our spiritual form once again.

death-transDeath can be an incredibly beautiful spiritual experience when we focus on honoring the person who is graduating from this presence. We must understand that they need us to move on so that they can move on as well. Your loved ones who have crossed successfully want you to be happy, to love and be loved, and want you to continue living the life you came here to live. This allows them to proceed with their work on the other side.

Very often, we hold emotionally upsetting things close to our heart without completely resolving them which can build up throughout the lifetime. As we approach our time to go home, these situations often arise for one last chance to be healed and released. This happens because the more you complete during your time here, the higher your soul will evolve when it returns to spirit. Spiritually based healing work can help you fully resolve internal stress, guilt, fear or anything else that may be preventing you from a peaceful crossing.

Emotions, as an example can prevent one from making a smooth transition. If you feel a sense of guilt or regret, you may have to clear the old baggage before you free yourself from this body and the situation(s) that caused the problem in the first place. If you have a lot of anger or resentment, you may not cross at all because of refusing to let go of what you think you know to be true…human life.

Three main reasons one ends up suspended between worlds or stuck on the astral plane is a sense of not being worthy, being angry at God, or refusing to leave those left behind. If you feel you do not deserve God’s love (or love at all) you will likely have a hard time crossing. If you are angry at the Divine for not helping you, for causing loss or hardship, or the like you may choose to turn your back on them when they attempt to escort you home. If your loved ones refuse to let you go or you feel that you cannot let them go, you will likely end up struggling when it is time to cross over. All of this may seem crazy to you, but it happens. Tammy helps lost should cross safely to the other side on a regular basis.

Are you curious regarding the spiritual interplay that happens as our portal opens up and the receiving line forms? Or, maybe you need help arriving at a place of acceptance instead of feeling guilt and regrets, or need help saying something to your loved ones. Tammy can help you! The reason for choosing spiritual work doesn’t matter as long as you and your loved ones feel cared for, are connected with the Divine, and are ready to celebrate your final accomplishment here on Earth…your transition or graduation home.

Please feel free to contact me…I will be happy to answer any questions you may have as well as give you a quote. I tailor this work to the specific needs of each individual, so it is impossible to have a set price. Prices are based on healing needed, time involvement, and travel.

Examples of what Tammy has provided in the past:

* Divine Connection and/or mediumship to meet your guides, angels and deceased loved ones.
* Daily or weekly visits in person or by Skype that include spiritual counseling, healing, clearing, and art if you so choose.
* Resolution of guilt, regrets, anger, fear so you can make a smooth transition (home or into a new life without your loved one).
* Education regarding what happens on the other side, what it is like to die, and instructions on how to let go.
* Deep soul healing via meditation

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