Intuitive Soul Healing

It’s all about LOVE!

The Divine is limitless and so is the healing.

Below are some examples of what could be included during a session with Tammy:


SOUL HEALING can create some of the most intense outcomes because it incorporates intangible energetic things most people have little knowledge about. Clients are often stunned when changes occur because it is as if they occurred from nowhere. God, the hierarchy of angels, ascended masters, goddesses, and many other Divine groups work through Tammy. She has been granted permission to work with several soul committees and councils on your behalf so that healing on this plane of existence can be completed quickly and painlessly. Intuitive soul healing addresses things like:

contracts and agreements we made with others before incarnating into this lifetime
contracts and agreements that we made with those left in spirit form (typically to watch over us or guide us)
review and revision of akashic records related to life plan
revision or resolution of agreements, contracts, karma through the approval of spiritual committees and councils
reading of the soul blueprints, including the etheric blueprint in the aura to catch illness before it manifests physically
past life and parallel universe resolution related to the current life
evaluation and purification of DNA and cellular structures
assessment and altering of exit points when needed (exit points are planned opportunities for us to cross over)
compassionate clearing of negative energy and entities

Soul healing also involves healing of all energetic systems like the:
* chakras (cleansing, purification and re-balancing of the major, minor, and healer’s chakras)
* meridians (clearing of blockages and purification of the meridian system)
* all auric layers (injury, imbalances and all other impurities will dissolve and be replaced with a new auric representation)
* the holograph (our Divine holographic representation can be used for healing and re-calibration)
* the golden grid (repair of the grid that surrounds us, a purging of impurities and re-connection to the Divine)
* etheric cords (positive and/or negative energy that connect us to others will be disconnected, adjusted or enhanced)
* silver cord repair (connects us to our soul and the Divine and will be gently repaired and Divine flow will be re-established)
* re-calibration of old energetic structures with integration of mind, body and soul

EMOTIONAL HEALING involves imbalance related to emotions and feelings. Two examples of unhealthy emotional patterning are guilt running as an undercurrent in your life, or carrying suppressed anger without appropriate release. Grief is also a powerful emotional state that causes a tremendous amount of needless suffering. Perceived loss (conscious, unconscious or as a bleed through from other existences) is the number one culprit of emotional imbalance. During an intuitive soul healing session, you will receive a comprehensive screening to identify which emotions play a role in your health. We will uncover:

grief, loss, grieving

You Have the Power to Choose What You Feel!

the cause of imbalances within your emotional make-up and how to restore balance
where and why you have unhealthy emotional patterning and how that can be altered
when emotions derailed you which is often a carry over from previous lifetimes
which programs need to be altered so you can come to a place of peace

It will also be evaluated when and if mediumship (communication with deceased people and animals) will be most beneficial. Mediumship often occurs if:

you didn’t get to say good-bye
something was left undone
need confirmation your loved one is okay
are curious about what happens when we die
want to know what your loved one does on the other side
want to connect with an unborn child

MENTAL HEALING involves beliefs about yourself, others, and the world. If you have limiting beliefs like: “I do not deserve love” or “I will never be healthy” your well-being on all levels will be negatively impacted. Old beliefs stop you from achieving and fully experiencing health, wellness, prosperity, and most of all love.

Even if you are not in an intimate relationship with another person, you are in relationship. As a matter of fact, you are in many relationships simultaneously with family, friends, coworkers, peers, authority figures, your environment, your pets and wildlife, Mother Earth, and money to name a few.

The most important relationship you will ever be in is the relationship you have with yourself.

How do you know if you are in right relationship with yourself? Any of the following behaviors can keep you from loving yourself. Very often they stem from beliefs that have been crystallized by what others have said or implied about you. The Divine will encourage you to learn to love yourself by first replacing old beliefs with new mental structures if any of the items below apply to you:


Commit to Loving Yourself Today!

talk poorly of yourself
have difficulty receiving compliments
engage in negative self-talk using statements like:
    * that was stupid
    * I am so dumb
    * I am ugly
    * I am fat
    * I’m not good enough
making statements that own an ailment such as:
    * I have a bad knee
    * my back is killing me
    * my diabetes, my cancer, my…
believe that your illness/problem is because you deserve it
react to others from a wounded place or become defensive easily
harshly judge other people
feel unheard and/or disrespected
feel alone or lonely most of the time

Internal communication either supports or diminishes your relationship with yourself. When was the last time you told yourself you were proud of you, or that you did a great job, or that you are beautiful or smart? Unfortunately, most people tell themselves the exact opposite!

You can choose to see yourself as damaged and unworthy or as a reflection of the Divine through God’s eyes.

When you are in right relationship with yourself, you can then foster right relationships with others. The Divine wants us to understand that we are all lovable and loved. We all deserve to be validated by our interrelationships from a place of love, but we must love ourselves first.

PHYSICAL HEALING is any imbalance/illness that has manifested on the physical level affecting physiological systems within the body. If you have physical health problems and need help figuring out what is going on with your body, a medical intuitive scan can give you the insight you’ve been looking for. This is a comprehensive scan that includes:


Medical intuition Scan

viewing the body inside and out in three dimensional images
viewing the hard to see areas like between, behind, and inside the organs
scanning the energetic blueprints for early onset illnesses that are unidentifiable
uncover important information specific to you such as:
    * foods and food combining that work and don’t work for you
    * supplements and medications viewed from an energetic perspective
    * issues with daily living items like detergents, personal care items, and fragrances
    * environment scanning for allergens, irritants, and toxins
    * the cause of your health concern and how the Divine can help
    * intuitive impressions for remediation of physical symptoms
    * anything that inhibits your healing
    * anything that will promote your healing
    * the origin of the illness



The Divine is limitless and so is the healing that can be accomplished.