Intuitive Soul Healing

It’s all about LOVE!

It is your birthright to love and feel loved. 

If you are having health problems, relationship issues, or have any other stressors that keep your vibration at a low frequency you will not be able to fully embrace happiness and joy to the degree you deserve. You will not be able to love or be loved the way God intended.
The good news is that the Divine is ready to help! 

Tammy Andersen angelic script Archangel Gabriel curative healing art

Angelic Script 4″x6″ Pencil

Tammy is your guide, the bridge between you and the Divine.

A session with Tammy is like no other healing you have ever experienced. Some say it is like ten years of therapy in an hour, but without reliving the pain of the trauma. It is difficult to describe exactly what happens in a session, considering each one is unique.

It is really about altering energy to clear and release old gunk. You see, when we go through the daily grind dragging all our old hurts, fears, and health problems around we are functioning at a very low vibration. By allowing the Divine to reach in to our energetic filed to remove traumatic memories, and lower energy emotions like fear, guilt, sadness and grief our vibration automatically raises. When we function at a high vibration, we are able to experience the tiny miracles around us, feel freer, and our health problems seem to disappear. It is only when our vibration is maintained at a high level that we can truly experience Divine love.

The Angels and masters work through Tammy by way of Divine codes that are comprised of angelic symbols. You are held in a place of love, which usually feels very comfortable and familiar while the Divine facilitates healing on your behalf. The symbols alter the impurities within you in an attempt to alleviate the issue you are experiencing, returning you to love. Angelic scripts are often written out for you or included in artwork for you to to use after your healing (the photo above left is an example of angelic script with a colored pencil drawing). Tammy also signs the symbols with her hands which looks similar to sign language.


Intuitive Soul Healing sessions can include any combination of mediumship, medical intuition, solutions to relationship issues, resolution and/or understanding of trauma from a spiritual perspective, and spiritually based energetic work.
For more information about Tammy’s sessions, please follow this link.


Your healing is completely individualized to you.

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