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It’s all about LOVE!

It is your birthright to love and feel loved. 

If you are having health problems, relationship issues, or have any other stressors that keep your vibration at a low frequency you will not be able to fully embrace happiness and joy to the degree you deserve. You will not be able to love or be loved the way God intended. The good news is that the Divine is ready to help!           


Tammy Andersen angelic script Archangel Gabriel curative healing art

Angelic Script 4″x6″ Pencil

                     Tammy is your guide, the bridge between you and God.

Your vibration will be altered through Divine codes that are comprised of angelic symbols, so you can be held in a place of love while the Divine facilitates healing on your behalf. The Divine communicates to your Divine Coding (the codes you are made of as a Divine being in the likeness of God) through my hand movements which look similar to sign language. The symbols alter the impurities within you in an attempt to alleviate the issue you are experiencing, returning you to love. Angelic scripts are often written out for you or included in artwork for you to to use after your healing (the photo to the left is an example of angelic script with a colored pencil drawing).

Intuitive Soul Healing sessions can include medical intuition, mediumship, solutions to relationship issues, and spiritually based energetic work. Your healing will be completely individualized to you. Depending on what you need, healing will take place on one or all the physical, emotional, mental and soul levels. Each of the levels are defined below:


PHYSICAL HEALING is any imbalance/illness that has manifested on the physical level affecting physiological systems within the body. If you have physical health problems and need help figuring out what is going on with your body, a medical intuitive scan can give you the insight you’ve been looking for. This is a comprehensive scan that includes:


Medical intuition Scan

   viewing the body inside and out in three dimensional images   
   viewing the hard to see areas like between, behind, and inside the organs
   scanning the energetic blueprints for early onset illnesses that are unidentifiable
   uncover important information specific to you such as:
         * foods and food combining that work and don’t work for you
         * supplements and medications viewed from an energetic perspective
         * issues with daily living items like detergents, personal care items, and fragrances
         * environment scanning for allergens, irritants, and toxins
         * the cause of your health concern and how the Divine can help
         * intuitive impressions for remediation of physical symptoms
         * anything that inhibits your healing
         * anything that will promote your healing         



“My numbers (diabetes) are dropping. They are close to perfect. My walking is getting better and better (ruptured disk, leg numbness and pain are healed). I go down stairs without even thinking about it. And finally, I transitioned off my thyroid medication and am feeling great (with her doctor’s help). In fact, I haven’t felt this good in a very, very long time. I am so glad I found you! I would like to say who knew that this would happen, but of course the angels and guides knew didn’t they. This is all so awesome!”



EMOTIONAL HEALING involves imbalance related to emotions and feelings. Two examples of unhealthy emotional patterning are guilt running as an undercurrent in your life, or carrying suppressed anger without appropriate release. Grief is also a powerful emotional state that causes a tremendous amount of needless suffering. Perceived loss (conscious, unconscious or as a bleed through from other existences) is the number one culprit of emotional imbalance. During an intuitive soul healing session, you will receive a comprehensive screening to identify which emotions play a role in your health. We will uncover:

grief, loss, grieving

You Have the Power to Choose What You Feel!

   the cause of imbalances within your emotional make-up and how to restore balance     
   where and why you have unhealthy emotional patterning and how that can be altered  
   when emotions derailed you which is often a carry over from previous lifetimes
   which programs need to be altered so you can come to a place of peace

It will also be evaluated when and if mediumship (communication with deceased people and animals) will be most beneficial. Mediumship often occurs if:

   you didn’t get to say good-bye                                                                            
   something was left undone
   need confirmation your loved one is okay
   are curious about what happens when we die
  want to know what your loved one does on the other side
   want to connect with an unborn child



After guiding Sarah on her journey involving the infertility roller coaster and the grief from having several miscarriages, I received this note…
“It has been months since our last appointment, and I wanted to let you know that I am finally pregnant! You were sure our little girl wanted to be born in 2012 and she is due the second week of November. When I first saw you in March/April 2011 you knew I would be due towards the end of 2012. At the time it sounded so far away and impossible that it would take that long. I’ve been “talking” to Adele (in Spirit) for months letting her know we are ready for her. I call her “Addie” in my mind and she just feels like a part of my life already which you helped solidify. I just wanted to let you know that I had my 20 week ultrasound last week and found out we are having a healthy baby girl! Also, my hematoma/bleeding is gone! Thank you again for the role you played in getting us here!”

Sarah Madison, WI


MENTAL HEALING involves beliefs about yourself, others, and the world. If you have limiting beliefs like: “I do not deserve love” or “I will never be healthy” your well-being on all levels will be negatively impacted. Old beliefs stop you from achieving and fully experiencing health, wellness, prosperity, and most of all love.

Even if you are not in an intimate relationship with another person, you are in relationship. As a matter of fact, you are in many relationships simultaneously with family, friends, coworkers, peers, authority figures, your environment, your pets and wildlife, Mother Earth, and money to name a few.

The most important relationship you will ever be in is the relationship you have with yourself.

How do you know if you are in right relationship with yourself? Any of the following behaviors can keep you from loving yourself. Very often they stem from beliefs that have been crystallized by what others have said or implied about you. The Divine will encourage you to learn to love yourself by first replacing old beliefs with new mental structures if any of the items below apply to you:


Commit to Loving Yourself Today!

   talk poorly of yourself                                                           
   have difficulty receiving compliments
   engage in negative self-talk using statements like:
           * that was stupid
           * I am so dumb
           * I am ugly
           * I am fat
           * I’m not good enough
   making statements that own an ailment such as:
           * I have a bad knee
           * my back is killing me
           * my diabetes, my cancer, my…
  believe that your illness/problem is because you deserve it
  react  to others from a wounded place or become defensive easily
  harshly judge other people
  feel unheard and/or disrespected
  feel alone or lonely most of the time

Internal communication either supports or diminishes your relationship with yourself. When was the last time you told yourself you were proud of you, or that you did a great job, or that you are beautiful or smart? Unfortunately, most people tell themselves the exact opposite!

You can choose to see yourself as damaged and unworthy or as a reflection of the Divine through God’s eyes.

When you are in right relationship with yourself, you can then foster right relationships with others. The Divine wants us to understand that we are all lovable and loved. We all deserve to be validated by our interrelationships from a place of love, but we must love ourselves first.



“Tammy, I just want to say thank you for I have learned so much from you. From enhancing my spirituality, to my health issues, to learning how to meditate and let go of the past so I can love myself and move forward with my life in a positive, healthy, and loving way. To be able to connect with family and friends that have passed and are missed has been extremely special for me.

In the past two years you have shown me how to love myself and that has empowered me to help myself with my own Divine healing that I so desperately needed. To be able to say my cancer is gone and my spine is healing and I’m able to walk without help is beyond words. My gratitude is so overwhelming that I’ve had a hard time writing this because words just don’t seem to be enough.

I’m blessed beyond words to have the ability to see and talk to God, Jesus, the Archangels, Angels, Masters, and Saints who have all had a part in this and it’s all because of you, Tammy. You opened this up to me and I will forever be grateful to you. I love you with my entire soul…and isn’t that what it’s all about? I feel so much love each and every day.”

Sheryl SteingraberWisconsin


SOUL LEVEL healing can create some of the most intense outcomes because it incorporates intangible energetic things most people have little knowledge about. Clients are often stunned when changes occur because it is as if they occurred from nowhere. God, the hierarchy of angels, ascended masters, goddesses, and many other Divine groups work through Tammy. She has been granted permission to work with several soul committees and councils on your behalf so that healing on this plane of existence can be completed quickly and painlessly. Intuitive soul healing addresses things like:

   contracts and agreements we made with others before incarnating into this lifetime
   contracts and agreements that we made with those left in spirit form (typically to watch over us or guide us)
  review and revision of akashic records related to life plan 
   revision  or resolution of agreements, contracts, karma through the approval of spiritual committees and councils             
  reading of the soul blueprints, including the etheric blueprint in the aura to catch illness before it manifests physically
  past life and parallel universe resolution related to the current life
  evaluation and purification of DNA and cellular structures
  assessment and altering of exit points when needed (exit points are planned opportunities for us to cross over)
   compassionate clearing of negative energy and entities

Soul healing also involves healing of all energetic systems like the:
          * chakras (cleansing, purification and re-balancing of the major, minor, and healer’s chakras)
          * meridians (clearing of blockages and purification of the meridian system)
          * all auric layers (injury, imbalances and all other impurities will dissolve and be replaced with a new auric representation)    
          * the holograph (our Divine holographic representation can be used for healing and re-calibration)
          * the golden grid (repair of the grid that surrounds us, a purging of impurities and re-connection to the Divine)
          * etheric cords (positive and/or negative energy that connect us to others will be disconnected, adjusted or enhanced)
          * silver cord repair (connects us to our soul and the Divine and will be gently repaired and Divine flow will be re-established)
          * re-calibration of old energetic structures with integration of mind, body and soul

The Divine is limitless and so is the healing that can be accomplished.



“Tammy has helped me through some rough times in my life over the past 4+ years. There were times I felt very stuck, sad and alone. Not only did she help me through these difficult situations, she also provided me with tools so that I was able to help myself. After my sessions with Tammy, I found the peace, calm and clarity I needed. I also appreciate that after working with Tammy I am now able to reconnect with my own intuition, which is an invaluable reminder. Tammy has a way of knowing exactly what I need to hear and how to guide me to the answers I am searching for.”

Monica Owsicheck from





Art Heals Whether You Engage in the Creative Process Yourself or Not!


Shop-homepage-230x177As Tammy entered her college studies with enthusiasm, she quickly learned that she could silently communicate her inner chaos. The inner struggle was caused by the near death experience (NDE) in 1983, and the subsequent inability of everybody around her to talk about the fact that Tammy stared her mortality in the face. The images of Jesus as well as the pain she carried slowly came out through her art. What Tammy didn’t know was that the images she drew, painted, and sculpted were identifiable by others who had similar experiences.

Sr. Lucinda Hubing, who quickly became Tammy’s mentor and good friend, recognized the symbolism of tunnels, the light, spirits, Jesus and other spiritual images as a call for help and understanding. Before she admitted it to her, she knew Tammy had been through an enlightening spiritual experience along with much physical and emotional pain that were life changers. For the first time since the accident, Tammy was confronted by somebody who knew what she had been through, somebody willing to listen, and ready to witness the horrifying ordeal.

She held space for Tammy while she used her art to describe the accident and all the details it included. Tammy slowly began to find inner peace through art making, and quickly learned that it took her places within herself that she had never been before. For Tammy the creative process is meditative, a time for soothing the mind and body while allowing for connection to soul.

Several years later, Tammy was standing at her easel contemplating the addition of yet another layer of paint on the canvas when she was asked by Archangel Gabriel if she wanted to learn to heal herself. Tammy soon connected to the Divine beings who saved her life many years before, and would step in once again.

Tammy’s art became a way for Spirit to communicate with her until she developed her other intuitive knowing skills. Without art, the awakening and healing she received may have never occurred. Through Tammy’s work with the Divine she soon learned that you can heal through viewing images and symbols without being involved in the actual creation of them.


Curative Art

Shortly thereafter, Tammy began creating curative art for people who needed a powerful healing tool, meditation focal point, or wanted to be surrounded by a continuous outpouring of Divine love. Curative Art became a great addition for clients who wanted to be surrounded by continuous Divine healing energy following a session, or needed a long term solution to chronic ep-mancusi-kidsproblems. It was apparent that others healed when simply in Tammy’s presence. If they were engaged in their own creative process they reached deeper spiritual experiences and often opened to healing at depths beyond all expectations.

An example of this would be that of a woman in a group art therapy exercise Tammy was facilitating. As the participants painted, she began crying. Tammy approached her to ask if she needed anything, and she exclaimed that she was being healed. She further explained that she had a ruptured disk in her back and a hip injury that she had been suffering from for over a year. She knew her spine and leg were instantaneously healing because she allowed herself to open through the art. A few months later, she had regained all mobility and no longer needed surgery. Tammy was shocked! A whole new world of creative possibilities opened up that day. She is honored to offer both general and individualized  art that heals.

For more information and pricing, please follow the link below:





 One thing is for sure…WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!


How do you know if this is right for you?

It is the cold, hard truth that a lot of people don’t want to look at much less accept. We are all going to die.

Are you or somebody you love facing a life threatening illness or preparing for your transition back into Spirit form? Do you want to feel peace around the idea of your own mortality or the loss of a loved one? If so, this offering will be invaluable.

Spiritually, a lot happens on the other side as we prepare to die. Our loved ones, guides, and angels prepare for our arrival, celebration, and whatever we need to make a smooth transition. For some, it may involve an incubation time with Divine caregivers due to tragedy or emotional distress. For others, it is time to review the life just lived. In any event, we are happily greeted by an angelic escort and slowly immersed back into the pure Divine love we truly are, the same love we separated from to experience human life on Earth. The illusion of separateness fades away so that we can embrace our spiritual form once again.

death-transDeath can be an incredibly beautiful spiritual experience when we focus on honoring the person who is graduating from this presence. We must understand that they need us to move on so that they can move on as well. Your loved ones who have crossed successfully want you to be happy, to love and be loved, and want you to continue living the life you came here to live. This allows them to proceed with their work on the other side.

Very often, we hold emotionally upsetting things close to our heart without completely resolving them which can build up throughout the lifetime. As we approach our time to go home, these situations often arise for one last chance to be healed and released. This happens because the more you complete during your time here, the higher your soul will evolve when it returns to spirit. Spiritually based healing work can help you fully resolve internal stress, guilt, fear or anything else that may be preventing you from crossing.

Emotions, for one can prevent one from making a smooth transition. If you feel a sense of guilt or regret, you may have to clear the old baggage before you free yourself from this body and the situation(s) that caused the problem in the first place. If you have a lot of anger or resentment, you may not cross at all because of refusing to let go of what you know to be true…human life.

Two main reasons one ends up suspended between worlds or stuck on the astral plane is a sense of not being worthy or being angry at God. If you feel you do not deserve God’s love (or love at all) you will likely have a hard time crossing. If you are angry at the Divine for not helping you, for causing loss or hardship, or the like you may choose to turn your back on them when they attempt to escort you home. It all seems crazy, but it happens.

Are you curious regarding the spiritual interplay that happens as our portal opens up and the receiving line forms? Or, maybe you need help arriving at a place of acceptance instead of feeling guilt and regrets, or need help saying something to your loved ones. Tammy can help you! The reason for choosing spiritual work doesn’t matter as long as you and your loved ones feel cared for, are connected or reconnected with the Divine, and are ready to celebrate your final accomplishment here on Earth…your transition or graduation home. Congratulations!

Please feel free to contact me…I will be happy to answer any questions you may have as well as give you a quote. I tailor this work to the specific needs of each person/family, so it makes it impossible to have a set price.

Give me a call at (608) 279-9213 or fill out the form below…



Clear it all Out!

Get Rid of the Gunk!

Angelic Script 8"x10" Pencil

Angelic Script 8″x10″ Pencil

Crystalline Clearing is a specialty service for those of you who have problems with negative energy attachments, entity problems, property that is haunted, or want extra spiritual protection. For seven days, the Divine will perform a complete clearing of you, your home and it’s contents and your property. Each situation is different, but here is a non-inclusive list of what might happen each day.

DAY ONE  Your soul self will be summoned to assist in the process. Akashic records will be accessed regarding any contracts or agreements that may have created or allowed the situation. Your soul self will unveil any soul aspects (other than this lifetime) that may play a role. Your holograph, golden grid, auric field, and spiritual slate will be scanned for any impurities. You will be given recommendations by email.

DAY TWO  Angelic Blessings will take place, a request will be made for all connections to less than Divine beings to be renounced. If more than one group is involved, which is often the case with addictions, all groups will be addressed through your spiritual committees and councils. At this point, a cleansing, purification and re-calibration will take place over a 24 hour period (approximately). You will be given recommendations by email.

DAY THREE  An auric re-establishment will take place, and then your Divine representation will be re-created from your holograph. You will receive an angelic script to work with for the next three days. Forgiveness will be requested on your behalf as well as for those who need to forgive you. Your heart will likely begin to expand, and you may be given homework regarding this process. You will be given recommendations by email.

DAY FOUR  Unification of self (mind, body, and soul) will begin in the reflection of Divine love. You will need to rest on this day, make sure you get plenty of fresh spring water and protein. Stay away from negative influences and by this time you will have received prayers to work with. This is a good day for creative activities like art, music, reading, etc that are of a positive nature.

DAY FIVE  Angelic Blessings regarding opening to love and joy will be completed. Rewiring of the Divine codes related to emotional/mental health will be completed, which will likely help you move forward in a positive direction. The new crystalline structure which is based on Divine sacred geometry will begin to form.

DAY SIX  The crystalline structure will continue to develop. Clients often witness a beautifully intricate colored web surrounding them which they become connected to. This structure is made from pure Divine love, which can be used for bringing more love into your life.

DAY SEVEN  Everything that has been completed on your behalf over the past seven days energetically comes forward to meld with your present day self to help you integrate the changes more rapidly and easily. Your crystalline structure is completed and you are given instructions on how to proceed from here.

Angelic Blessings will be said on your behalf for four days following your Crystalline Clearing. You will be contacted if any follow-up work is needed. This would typically involve changing long standing difficult patterns or working with complex personality traits.

***For 11 days you will need to refrain from using alcohol and other mind altering substances.



 Angelic Blessings to Smooth the Way


Tammy always incorporates deep focused work in the form of angelic blessings during individual sessions, courses, and workshops. More recently, she has been asked to perform blessings separate from other healing work, or in addition to sessions and courses as an add-on. Blessings are done through mediation only. Please use the link below to request your angelic blessing.

You may want an angelic clearing and blessing if you will be:

♥   having a medical or dental procedure done
♥   signing an important contract
♥   getting married or divorced
♥   having or adopting a child
♥   adding an animal companion to the family
♥   interviewing for a new job
♥   moving into a new house
♥   buying a car, truck or boat
♥   starting a new venture (school, business, etc)
♥   traveling


Why are angelic blessings helpful?

If you do not need a session to work through problems or resolve health issues, and just want extra Divine support as you navigate through life this is a great and inexpensive way to get the boost you need.

Public places like doctors offices are notorious for holding stuck energy. As you can imagine, the majority of patients have some anxiety/fear about being there. Think of the screaming baby in the next room, or the father of three who was just told he has colon cancer, or the woman in the waiting room who is hoping she is pregnant but isn’t. Emotions get stuck as pockets of energy in the atmosphere, absorbed into furniture, and affect the doctor, other employees, and patients. I’m sure you can recall a time when you were feeling perfectly calm, walked into a store or other building and shortly thereafter felt frazzled, dazed, crabby or just needed to get out of there. You were likely affected by others left over energy.

An angelic blessing will clear others energy from the space, and create the best possible outcome for you. The vibration will be altered so that you will hopefully feel more calm, focused and at peace with the situation.

***Please do not request angelic blessings for others without their permission. Tammy follows spiritual etiquette and ethics she was taught by the Divine, and will not work on somebody who hasn’t personally requested it. This service is not to be used to try to control a specific outcome or manipulate another being.

“I have been impressed with the undeniably strong feelings of energy that have swept through me during these sessions, like a warm pillar of energy flowing down through the center of my body. Even more remarkable has been the ability for this non-physical energy to impact physical injuries. A chronic wrist injury had left certain movements painful, yet a few minutes addressing the issue and a week or two later what had been hurting for over a year was completely pain free. Beyond that I’ve felt the energy help to release emotional traumas which has most likely been an integral part in recovering from an autoimmune condition.”



“Blessings to you, Tammy. What you are doing for others is nothing short of miraculous with the loving and immediate effect it has on people. Thank you for stepping forward as a healer. You will benefit many.”



“I want to let you know how much Wendy and I love your “Golden Angel” that we purchased from you back in 2009. She blesses our home with her loving energy and beauty. I wanted to thank you again for letting her come to us, she is very special as is all of your beautiful art work. Many blessings to you for all the special work you do in touching one’s soul.”



Northern Wisconsin

“I have a year and a half old dog that was in the hospital for 6 days with kidney failure. The veterinarian called me and said there was nothing more they could do for him. I picked him up and took him home. I contacted Tammy and gave him fluids daily. He is now eating three mails a day on his own, happy and playing. This is a dog the vet suggested euthanizing, his kidneys were shut down. With Tammy’s help, this little guy is going to be fine for a long, long time. Thank you so much, Tammy.”