The Sanctuary

A Place of Love and Healing

The Sanctuary is a safe place to gather for healing, love and relaxation.
Membership entitles you to…


   Healing via Live Streaming from this website on the 1st and 15th of every month (12pm – 1pm noon ET)
      Sessions are recorded in case you miss one. Don’t worry, the healing is just as powerful.

   Inspirational Tidbits to Foster Self-Love (Divine Encouragement for Daily Living)

   Divine Suggestions and Support for the following topics (each month will be a different topic):
           * Self-Care
           * Self-Love
           * Unconditional Giving
           * Pros and Cons of Empathy
           * Graceful Grieving
           * Navigating Life’s Obstacles
           * Member Suggested Topics


Divinely guided, Tammy decided to open the Sanctuary for those of you…

  1. who just want to come and hang out in Divine energy (perfect for an hour of relaxation).
  2. who need regularly scheduled time to do your own healing work while being held in Divine space.
  3. who want to live consciously from a place of Divine love.
  4. who want to experience her healing in a cost effective way.

PLEASE…Spread the word about this opportunity to experience Intuitive Soul Healing with Tammy!!!