Angelic Blessings to Smooth the Way


Tammy always incorporates deep focused work in the form of angelic blessings during individual sessions, courses, and workshops. More recently, she has been asked to perform blessings separate from other healing work.  Blessings are done through mediation only. Please use the form below to request your angelic blessing.

You may want an angelic clearing and blessing if you will be:

♥   having a medical or dental procedure done
♥   signing an important contract
♥   getting married or divorced
♥   having or adopting a child
♥   adding an animal companion to the family
♥   interviewing for a new job
♥   moving into a new house
♥   buying a car, truck or boat
♥   starting a new venture (school, business, etc)
♥   traveling


Why are angelic blessings helpful?

If you do not need a session to work through problems or resolve health issues, and just want extra Divine support as you navigate through life this is a great and inexpensive way to get the boost you need.

Public places like doctors offices are notorious for holding stuck energy. As you can imagine, the majority of patients have some anxiety/fear about being there. Think of the screaming baby in the next room, or the father of three who was just told he has colon cancer, or the woman in the waiting room who is hoping she is pregnant but isn’t. Emotions get stuck as pockets of energy in the atmosphere, absorbed into furniture, and affect the doctor, other employees, and patients. I’m sure you can recall a time when you were feeling perfectly calm, walked into a store or other building and shortly thereafter felt frazzled, dazed, crabby or just needed to get out of there. You were likely affected by others left over energy.

An angelic blessing will clear others energy from the space, and create the best possible outcome for you. The vibration will be altered so that you will hopefully feel more calm, focused and at peace with the situation.

***Please do not request angelic blessings for others without their permission. Tammy follows spiritual etiquette and ethics she was taught by the Divine, and will not work on somebody who hasn’t personally requested it. This service is not to be used to try to control a specific outcome or manipulate another being.



How can we help?

Please explain why you would like an Angelic Blessing.