Creatively Healing Trauma


One Heart at a Time!


We are not meant to suffer, to hurt or to be in pain.

Tammy’s mission is to help people free their hearts of trauma so they can love and be loved the way God (Spirit) intended.


Life is too precious to be wasted on discomfort and discontentment. The Divine knows exactly what you need and has a solution to every problem.


Spiritual Healing Art by Visionary Tammy Andersen


Give yourself or someone you love a gift from Spirit. Imagine receiving a beautiful piece of art that offers continuous healing energy day and night.



With the Divine as your guide, you have the power to heal yourself and others. Unzip this innate power and learn to heal what is keeping you from feeling your best.


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Words cannot adequately describe the immense life-changing healing that I experienced working with Tammy. From healing old emotional wounds from childhood, eliminating a Lyme-like disease that mimicked an autoimmune disease that I had struggled with for 25 years, and most recently, healing a broken ankle in 5 days, Tammy’s ability to heal is absolutely amazing. My faith in God teaches that the ability to facilitate God’s healing is a gift that can be bestowed to “those who believe.” Tammy’s healing abilities are an incredible gift that she has been given – and I am grateful that I am one of the many who have experienced that healing first hand. Beyond the physical healing, my awakening to an ever-deeper awareness of God’s presence in my life has been the real gift. Like we often read in Scripture, the physical healing, while often spectacular and attention-getting, was actually the conduit for the true spiritual healing that was to come. My prayer life is far richer — and my personal relationship with God is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds – well beyond the faith of my childhood.

Lynne R.

Tammy’s Story

How did all of this come about?  Well, one day…


I was floating. I was peaceful and knew everything but yet knew nothing. I saw my body below me, and quickly realized that I was badly hurt. I had just been kicked in the face by a horse, was catapulted more than a body length into the air and landed on the top of my head. My body collapsed like an accordion.

I was intrigued with the peace and love that surrounded me. As I felt drawn into the depth of the love, I was approached by a man with intensely beautiful eyes (later I learned that this was Jesus). The peace and the love were him. I wanted to go with him. I saw people I knew off in the distance, and wanted to talk with them, but he stopped me. Jesus explained that I had not yet accomplished what I came here to do. My mission was incomplete. I had not loved enough or let enough love in. The choice was up to me, but I knew he wanted me to return to my body.

Within a few short years, I developed both physical health problems and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) related to severe head trauma. Desperate and sobbing I asked Jesus for help. What did he mean when he said I had not accomplished my mission here? Why was I so sick? Why was I still here? I wanted to go home to the love I knew existed with him.

Shortly thereafter, I was visited by Archangel Gabriel who asked me if I wanted to learn to heal myself. Three months later I found myself perfectly healthy. I was healed of auto-immune disease, chronic infections and pain, environmental illness/allergies and Lyme disease. The Divine beings I owe my life to taught me how everything is made of energy and is interrelated, and how love is what heals everything…including myself. Life is about love…loving and being loved, and how we can make a difference through that love. My world changed when I reconnected to my Divine heart and consciously chose to allow Divine love in. My life was no longer about me, but instead became a mission of helping others find love within themselves.

Words cannot describe how blessed I feel everyday for the Divine beings who saved my life more than once, who continue to guide me each day, and who help you heal through me. This is the epitome of gratitude which is why I have devoted my life to this work. You can read more here.

Welcome to my website. It is my greatest hope that you find exactly what you are looking for and find peace in your heart along the way. 

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