The Angels Are Ready To Help You!



Come for a healing…leave empowered with tools and techniques for renewed Divine connection and continued self-growth and wellness



What is Healed By Angels™ (the program)?

Healed By Angels is based on what the Divine taught Tammy. It is a way for you to reconnect with your Divine heart. You will meet and work with your angels and guides, and experience pure Divine love. What is really cool is that anybody can learn it and quickly use it to discover health, loving relationships, financial reward, and spiritual advancement.

  Throughout the course, Tammy will be the bridge between you and the Divine to help you return to a state of well-being while teaching you heart-based living strategies. Everybody, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or religion is welcome. This is a unique opportunity in which you will receive healing as you learn to heal yourself.

  Imagine what it would be like if your past traumas fell away, old baggage became unnecessary, physical illness disappeared and love returned to your heart while honoring your personal values and beliefs. You no longer have to be your story, for it is in the past where it belongs. If you don’t believe in miracles, you might by the end of this course.

  As the program comes to a close, you will be able to connect with your Divine guides and use their Divine love to continue healing on your own whenever you would like. How awesome is that?

“I wanted to thank you again for making our stay in Madison the best ever. This workshop is incredible. When Alice and I were in Lands End, I could not get my foot into the shoes I bought (severe inflammation due to injury). Today I unexpectedly slipped both feet into the shoes! The healing is progressing rapidly, thanks to you.”

John St. Clair

Puerto Rico

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What can be healed?

Physical Ailments: Tammy has facilitated countless miraculous healings involving partial or full resolution of even the most relentless types of cancer, spinal trauma, broken bones, auto-immune disease, dental issues, diabetes, epilepsy, Lyme disease, environmental illness, allergies, and many others.

Emotional/Mental Difficulties: You can alleviate unnecessary suffering by energetically clearing the trauma around a situation. This is your opportunity to heal unrelenting grief, guilt or other emotions that rule your life. Limiting beliefs around topics like money, relationships, and health can be released or altered so you can be free to confidently create the life you truly desire.

Spiritual Issues: Since her near death experiences, Tammy has gained extensive knowledge regarding spirituality and the “other side”. You too can communicate with Divine beings, understand why you are here, and live your soul’s purpose. Or, simply find peace of mind in knowing that there is an incredibly loving Source waiting to support you.

End of Life: One thing is for certain…we are all going to die. Tammy will help those who are afraid of suffering or dying to find peace. Healed By Angels will help you prepare on an energetic level for the grandest transition of your entire lifetime. Divine support can be extremely helpful when you are preparing to cross as well as to your loved ones who will be left behind.

“I am feeling incredible…This is an absolutely incredible workshop and I am so going to miss it.  I am not casting stones or judging or comparing, but I do want to let you know how in awe I am of what we are learning.  I have been working with another healer for 8 years doing various classes and workshops and have not made the progress or felt the changes in my life as I have in a few short weeks with you. You are a blessing to our area! Thank you.”

Debra Rae


What do you get from this course?

   Awakened ability to heal yourself
   Re-connection to your Divine helpers
   A wealth of knowledge channeled directly from the Divine
   Invaluable healing techniques
   Infinite Divine love and acceptance
   Divine empowerment you can connect to forever
   A life that is transformed in whatever way your Divine heart desires

“One of the most direct and positive effects from Divine Coding is my awareness and conscious connection to the Masters, Angels, Guides as well as a greater ease and control of using and working with energy/love/light for the benefit of individuals, humanity, earth, etc. Also, I feel that in hindsight, that because of this course I have been able to move through my own issues much more quickly and easily. I feel like I have a greater sense of being well grounded as well as a sense of faster spiritual growth.”

Chris Kress

Madison, WI

“Some of us were talking after the class on Sunday, and one of the things that came up was how great it was that you affirmed and confirmed things, while allowing us the experience and the journey. Very empowering for all of us because it helped to increase our self-confidence. You know, as a child my mom would always tell me I had an over-active imagination, and I think those comments taught me to disregard/shut down the intuitive information I was receiving. All of the synergistic meditations we did during the weekend intensive built on each other in terms of information and strength of remembrance. It was just wonderful. Thank you for this gift.”

Jeanie Blessing, RN


Join Tammy for a New Adventure in Healing

You will have access to…

  • Recorded Live Healing/Training Sessions
  • Recorded Meditations
  • Cheat Sheet Technique Handouts
  • Tips for Continued Healing Handout
  • Downloadable Alchemical Healing Image
  • Weekly Office Hours (FB Group)

Tammy will meet you in the members area for weekly live healing and training sessions
where you will remember how to love, live and be free.




Next course will be scheduled soon.
Please contact Tammy for more information.