Be The Healer You Are Meant To Be!


What is God Energy™?


I want you to understand the magnitude of what I am offering. I prayed for months for the Divine to show me a better way to train healers than by attuning them to my own modality (Divine Coding). This is what Spirit came up with…

God Energy is an Intuitive Healers Certification Program  that involves an awakening process allowing your own Divine energy to align with you. This is not, I repeat, not an attunement to an energy system already established. This means you are the master creator of your own healing modality and will not be tied to any one discipline.

I was shown by the Divine that by performing numerous, consecutive spiritual awakenings and with the Divine guiding me, I could awaken you to your own God energy. I was shown how to align you with your energy and purpose and that I was to be your guide on your awakening journey.


In order to be the healer you are meant to be I will reconnect you with the healing energy you use in the Spirit world.
Your Divine energy and guides will show you how it works and why it has come forth.
You will quickly learn how to use it and what its main purpose is.

“My energy  is so powerful and beautiful and yet completely familiar is some strange way. Now that I am in the heart of my own energy, I have come to understand that I need not look to the outside world to find that which I am looking for. The gifts that I bring to the world are not something that I have obtained or learned from someone or something outside of me but is that which is at the deepest core of my very being. Several things shifted including the opportunity for my husband and I to take this class together and to create a healing business together. This opportunity has brought us a closeness that we have never experienced before. You are a fabulous teacher and mentor and I value and appreciate all that you have given to me. I am a better person for knowing you. You really are the healer’s healer which I am sure comes with its own challenges as you yourself are only human. I am grateful that you chose this role this lifetime.”

Tina Mancusi

   At the heart of this program are you and your Divine energy. You will be awakened to your own Divine knowledge and source of God energy to use in the way that best resonates with you. Your specific gifts and how to fully manifest them into your internal and external worlds will be revealed to you.

   You are the only one who will receive your awakening that was designed by you before you incarnated. You will receive a series of awakenings to allow the physical and personality components of your being to adjust over time to your awakened soul purpose. This process is guided by the Divine beings that are specifically aligned with you to bring forth the healer within you.

   My methods are based on the Divine guidance I receive while holding you in a place of love and compassion. In this space you will be able to explore how to work with your new energy, play with it, be curious about it and develop it. As the course progresses, you will soon find yourself mastering the subtleties while gaining confidence in your trust and connection to your source of Divine love.



“I feel deeply connected to Archangel Michael and my other guides more than ever. My communication is also clearer and I feel even better about the healing work I offer to clients. Participating in this class has shown me how to expand my confidence as a healer into my identity as a business owner. I have learned the true depth and value that I offer in my services as well as the expertise I already have. The program gives me the continuous support and guidance I have been looking for for years to create a successful business that I feel confident in building- one that I know is in alignment with the Divine and in integrity with the greatest good of everyone it serves.”

Tara Leafman

Desired Outcomes for God Energy…

♥    readily receive and trust your intuitive answers
♥    experience quicker and more profound healing
♥    gain confidence to truly stand in your own power
♥    achieve balance while living from your heart
♥    have an undeniably strong connection to the Divine
♥    become an expert in your own healing system
    know your strengths as a healer and how to build on them
♥    be centered and grounded while being in flow with your Divine purpose

I can’t begin to tell you how much our conversation during my 30 minute check-in call yesterday is impacting me. I am hearing and feeling with new ears and senses. Wow. I am loving the new concept. I’m excited to see how this consciousness/awareness shift will continue. It feels like the flood gates have opened to a new level.

Julie Louther

“I have been working on personal growth for quite some time. God Energy has been phenomenal. I feel like I have a more active role in the self-healing that I do with my guides and the Divine, and blocks dissolve much more quickly. I also feel a deeper sense of love and peace. The 30 minute check-ins are extremely beneficial. They help me to stay on track, give me great ideas to build upon, give me someone to bounce ideas off of, and help me to feel more confidence and judge myself much less. Thank you for this wonderful program.”

Dana Daul, Business Specialist

What is included in this 6 Month Program:

   Power Session
  (1 Hour 1:1 session with me to Awaken you to your energy that is unique to you)
  (1 Hour Personal Flex-time with me to use the way you want and when you need it)
   Quick Calls
  (6 Personal 30 Minute Calls with me to check in on your progress to assure your smooth sailing)
   Closure Session
  (30 Minute 1:1 Closure Session with me to review your success in the program and future plan)
   7 Live Webinars  (Each 90 minute Class will support your awakening process with valuable insight and instruction)


   Spiritual Advancement
  (Healing is conducted throughout all webinars and individual sessions)
Downloadable weekly lessons to enhance your energetic and spiritual development
   Recordings of all Training Calls are posted within 24 hours so you don’t have to worry about missing any
   Recorded Meditations
  (Meditations are yours to keep for future reference and continued healing)
   Alchemical Art Images which are easy to use and help foster further healing and energetic development are included

(God Energy is a Prerequisite)


If you plan to create or expand upon a spiritually based business, especially after completing the God Energy Awakening Program you might want to also register for Business Mentoring. The 3 Months of individualized business consultation and mentoring following the core program will cover topics like:

   Business Set-up and Incorporation
   Tools I Use
   Time Management
   Finding Inner Motivation
   Clearing Blocks to Success
   Uncovering Your Target Market, Focus, and Message
   Outline for Courses, Books, Programs and Products
   Website Design
   Marketing From a Place of Love Not Slime
   Building an Email List
   How to Reach Your Target Audience
   How to Find and Create Opportunities


Learn how use your God Energy to teach the Four Sacred Truths. First, you will incorporate the Four Sacred Truths into your God Energy and life, become a master at spiritually removing blocks to living a love-filled life, and receive all materials needed to facilitate Four Sacred Truths Healings.

   Depth work with the Four Sacred Truths
   Mastery of the Four Sacred Truths
   Spiritual Anointing as a Facilitator
  How to best use your God Energy with the Four Sacred Truths
   Become a Spiritual Guide
   Release of Judgement
   Techniques for Difficult Situations
   Facilitator Certification
   Marketing Materials Available
   Course Materials Prepared for You
   A Facilitator Page on One Stop healing Shop
   Annual Training and Renewal of Credentials Required

“After my awakening I was floating and wanted to share it with the world, yet I wanted to keep it to myself for a while, to savor it and to find out what my gift, my awakening really meant. One thing I’ve been feeling for quite some time and Tammy keeps reminding me of is – go inside for the answers. I know the answers are there and ‘awakening’ has reminded me of that over and over again. Thank you Tammy – for the class, for the sessions, for being you!!! I appreciate you! The class was really good and I do feel good about the progress I’ve made and where I’m going.  And, I feel I am laying a good foundation! So thank you for the class and all you’ve done!!”

Sue Broome

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“Thank you so much for letting me share in your class.  I loved it! You are a great facilitator and it was just the right amount of information and the right pace for me. Perfect!”

Amanda Johnson, RN

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“Since my awakening, I have noticed emotionally that there is a calmness I am experiencing. I am looking at people, situations and life in general with this calmness and in doing so getting a different perspective. My energy has enabled me to see the “bigger” picture and see that it is all good. When people find out what my age is they just stare, they believed I was younger. I think my energy, physically has started to change my skin and general appearance.”

Judy Sullivan