Healed by Angels the program teaches you to love and heal yourself.

Healed By Angels™ is based on Tammy’s first book. It walks you through the journey she went through with the the angels and masters. You will develop spiritual awareness, build your internal language system (intuition and mediumship), and learn techniques to heal yourself. Your heart will open in ways you never thought possible as you learn to love yourself. By the end of the course, you will have a solid spiritual foundation for your own continued healing and evolution.

The Sanctuary is a place of love and healing where everybody is welcome. Whether you want to curl up in your favorite chair and relax or consciously use the time and divine space to do your own healing work. Each moth is different and may include: guided meditations, angelic blessings, and discussion about spiritual topics. Repeated attendance will help you to increase your intuition, self-healing abilities and divine connection. You deserve to feel peace, hope and loved.