Does your child have heightened sensitivities to touch, smell, noise, light or energy? Is he/she having behavioral problems when asked to complete a task? Does your child have a hard time fitting in?

The children I typically work with are experiencing a combination of issues; many of them being wrongly diagnosed somewhere on the autism spectrum. This group of kids, who I call “sensitives” may have difficulty in specific environments like stores, dark places, hallways and around certain people. Often this is because of spirits they can see/hear/feel but their parents can’t. This is usually very upsetting to the parents, because they know something seems very wrong but don’t know what to do about it.

Sensitive children tend to have very big souls who literally need time (sometimes until they are 8-9 years old) to adjust. They often have difficulty adjusting to their physical bodies and can seem a little awkward, anxious, or aloof. Frustration can also be a big problem for a lot of these little folks, as they remember past lives and think they should be able to begin this life where the last left off. Many will enjoy creative activities, but can easily get frustrated with the materials, not being able to reproduce the colors and sensations they experienced when on the other side, or being able to produce the way they did in the last lifetime.

They are here for a specific purpose even if they are not consciously aware of it, which leads to impatience and more frustration. There will often be one parent who is seeking help, and is aware that traditional learning environments, behavior modification, medication management, western medicine and the like are not working for his or her child. Does this sound familiar?

Many times the other parent or grandparents disagree and feel that more traditional ways of raising children should work. This creates a difficult situation for the child because this may prevent her from getting the help she needs and she is sensitive which means she knows on some level that “she” is causing disharmony between family members.

These kids are extremely empathetic and pick “everything” up energetically from others and their surroundings, which can quickly lead to overwhelm and meltdowns. What a tough place to be for a child who is already experiencing internal distress. The energetics behind the situation are left out of traditional methods of helping sensitive children, which in my opinion is what is often needed the most.

When parents can see that their child isn’t behaving in this way to displease them, and that there are tools that can quickly alter the problem their own frustration melts away and they are able to once again reconnect with the love they felt when their child was first born. Remember, that no matter how your child is behaving all he/she really wants is love. Sometimes all it takes to break a negative cycle is a hug and reassurance that they are loved and lovable no matter what.

My role is to help family members understand that their child is not broken, but instead a very gifted soul trying to figure out how maneuver the human body. The Divine will typically provide insight into the situation as well as individualized tools and techniques that will help both child and parent. Often, energetic adjustments made on the soul level will help put the child at ease, which of course helps the parent too. The children of today are the adults of tomorrow…the more we can do to support their gifts now, the better off the world will be later.