If I had to pick one thing that inspires me the most…are you ready for this…I was surprised by what I found when I looked deep in my heart. I expected my answer to be a person or a thing in my environment. I have lots of reminders around me in the form of beautiful art, sayings, and crystals that always bring a smile to my face and inspiration to my heart. I am most inspired by doing…yes, DOING!

By moving, breathing, and doing I receive more creative life force energy. Simply by doing something, anything it awakens within me the need to continue to create…and soon my primordial creative fire that is always waiting to be released into a new painting, program, or product is once again free.

You see, even by writing this short thought blurb my mind and heart mesh and begin to think of all kinds of creative ways I can share my gifts with you. I can see and feel images that will transform, groups who want to learn, and the Divine waiting for those who are willing to be healed. The visions of the creative come forth by simply doing.

So, what will you DO today to multiply your inspiration to live a full and happy life?  As you do it, allow your heart the freedom to express whatever it needs to, be in a place of wonder and excitement, play if even for a moment with the visions that dance within. AS ALWAYS…LOVE FREELY