Let Us Know How We Can Help


I try to return all phone calls and emails myself.
In the event that I am unavailable, you will be
contacted by one of my awesome team members.

Business Hours:
Monday-Friday 10am – 5pm  (Eastern Time Zone)
(Weekends and Evenings by appointment depending on schedule)



Reach Out by Email

Please include your full name and phone number
when contacting Tammy.

By Contacting Tammy Andersen and her team, you agree to the following:

I may not be able to respond to your messages and calls immediately. For voicemails and other messages, you can expect a response within 48 hours (weekends are excepted from this timeframe.) I may occasionally reply more quickly than that or on weekends, but please be aware that this will not always be possible.

If you need to contact me about an emergency, the best method is:

  • By phone (608-279-9213).
  • If you cannot reach me by phone, please leave a voicemail and then follow up with a secure text message (608-279-9213).
  • Please call 911 for all emergencies.

Please note that SMS (normal phone text messages) are not designed for emergency contact. SMS text messages occasionally get delayed and on rare occasions may be lost. So, please refrain from using SMS as your sole method of communicating with me in  emergencies.

Please know that if we use electronic communications methods, such as email, texting, online video, and possibly others, there are various technicians and administrators who maintain these services and may have access to the content of those communications. In some cases, these accesses are more likely than in others.

Of special consideration are work email addresses. If you use your work email to communicate with me, your employer may access our email communications. There may be similar issues involved in school email or other email accounts associated with organizations that you are affiliated with. Additionally, people with access to your computer, mobile phone, and/or other devices may also have access to your email and/or text messages. Please take a moment to contemplate the risks involved if any of these persons were to access the messages we exchange with each other.

If your message is of a private nature, please refrain from making contact with me using social media messaging systems such as Facebook Messenger or Twitter. These methods have very poor security and I am not prepared to watch them closely for important messages from clients.