Tammy Andersen, MS, ATR-BC


Intuitive Soul Healer, Author, Spiritual Teacher
Artist and Art Therapist


I was floating. I was peaceful and knew everything but yet knew nothing. I saw my body below me, and quickly realized that I was badly hurt. I had just been kicked in the face by a horse, was catapulted more than a body length into the air and landed on the top of my head. My body collapsed like an accordion.

I was intrigued with the peace and love that surrounded me. As I felt drawn into the depth of the love, I was approached by a man with intensely beautiful blue eyes (later I learned that this was Jesus). The peace and the love were him. I wanted to go with him. I saw people I knew off in the distance, and wanted to talk with them, but he stopped me. Jesus explained that I had not yet accomplished what I came here to do. My mission was incomplete. I had not loved enough or let enough love in. The choice was up to me, but I knew he wanted me to return to my body.

Within a few short years, I developed both physical health problems and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) related to severe head trauma. Desperate and sobbing I asked Jesus for help. What did he mean when he said I had not accomplished my mission here? Why was I so sick? Why was I still here? I wanted to go home to the love I knew existed with him.

Shortly thereafter, I was visited by Archangel Gabriel who asked me if I wanted to learn to heal myself. Three months later I found myself perfectly healthy. I was healed of auto-immune disease, chronic infections and pain, environmental illness/allergies and Lyme disease. The Divine beings I owe my life to taught me how everything is made of energy and is interrelated, and how love is what heals everything…including myself. Life is about love…loving and being loved, and how we can make a difference through that love. My world changed when I reconnected to my Divine heart and consciously chose to allow Divine love in. My life was no longer about me, but instead became a mission of helping others find love within themselves. 

Angelic Script 4"x6" Pencil Session Drawing

Angelic Script 4″x6″ Pencil

Divine love is transmitted from God through me to you.  As it fills my aura, Divine energy expands and holds the healing space for you, so that Divine beings can perform your healing. This is a very powerful but safe and non-intrusive form of healing called Divine Coding™. It is to be used to ease suffering, and is based on the language of the angels. You might see me make hand movements similar to sign language as the Divine energy is transmitted through me. The Divine also taught me to physically write angelic script (the symbols that are on the image to the right), which is what I sign with my hands as I work.

During the process, you will likely feel the presence of angels. As “they” (Divine helpers) work, it is my job to help you feel comfortable while clearing any blocks to receiving the healing. The invisible energetics that I “read” will give you a new understanding of why the issue is presenting itself, what you can do about it, and then through a series of angelic blessings we ask the Divine to eliminate the problem from your life.

I have witnessed the Divine working through me in mysterious ways to help many people overcome serious ailments including variety of auto-immune diseases, various types of cancer, hypo and hyperthyroidism, Lyme disease, infections, infertility, digestive problems, strokes, heart failure, kidney failure, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain such as headaches, ruptured disks, torn muscles/tendons/ligaments, and broken bones. I have also watched as emotional baggage related to post traumatic stress disorder, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and neglect, depression and anxiety vastly improve or even disappear.

From my first encounter with Jesus and many years of intense healing work with Spirit, I have come to learn that true health, happiness, amazing relationships, and success are all fueled by one thing…LOVE…primarily SELF-LOVE! The Divine wants all of us to love ourselves the way God loves us. I will let you in on a little secret, it is impossible to love another without first loving yourself. You will only love to the degree that you love yourself. I didn’t understand this concept until I experienced deep, authentic self-love. Once I got a taste of loving myself, I only looked back long enough to smile at how far I had come. What a journey!

We all have a story. Every one of us has had trials and tribulations, hardships and loss, and heartache…which by the way is part of being human. Suffering happened only when I got tangled up in my experience and let those experiences define who I was. The Divine helped me to be free from all the entanglements I dragged around with me, to live out my purpose, and to be happy. It became very clear that I might have a story…an intense story at that, but I no longer had to be that story. There was another way,

Angelic Script 4"x6" Pencil Session Drawing

Angelic Script 4″x6″ Pencil

It is our Divine birthright to love and be loved…infinitely without condition. Once I understood this on a soul level I was free. This can happen for you too. My ability to see, hear, and feel Spirit allows me to easily connect with loved ones, guides and Divine beings on your behalf. As a medium, I am able to gain a new perspective from those who are removed from the human condition. Divine beings and your departed loved ones typically have a much clearer picture of why you are here and where you are going, what you need and how you can better maneuver through life. I figure we need all the help we can get!

It is my greatest hope that you find exactly what you are looking for like I did when the Divine appeared before me.



***Please note: I am the originator of Divine Coding and stopped certifying practitioners in 2009. Unless, you know a practitioner was trained by me, please do not believe you are receiving Divine Coding. Feel free to contact me if you want to be sure.



Tammy with "Breaking Free" 36x48 Acrylic

Me with “Breaking Free” 36×48 Acrylic on Canvas

I became especially interested in the spiritual healing of trauma and grief  through the creative process when I worked as an art therapist with adolescents who had been adjudicated. The stories from many young adults were horrifying. I couldn’t imagine living through some of the trauma I saw in their art. My initial interest in trauma was no doubt because of my past which involved a life threatening accident, and resultant Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I knew what it was like to deal with awful nightmares, relentless flashbacks and debilitating panic attacks. I understood the struggle of trauma resolution because of living it, which made me a perfect fit for helping others through similar suffering.

Now, I understand what it means to look adversity, fear and even death in the face and emerge as a stronger more loving human being, but this wasn’t always the case.

For years following the accident, I ran from my feelings, emotions, thoughts, fears and myself. It was only after I found art therapy, that I learned to “play” with what haunted me. I was able to express myself outwardly, look at it as separate from me, and eventually accept it. The trauma around the accident softened, and I could breathe easier. I was more clear and felt best when I was fully immersed in my creative process which usually involved painting or sculpting.

Art Therapy was a powerful force in my life, but a new richness in my art emerged after I opened my heart to the Divine. As I progressed through my spiritual awakening, developed my intuition, and began facilitating healing from a spiritual perspective my world changed. I was shocked and a little dumbfounded when people began healing from being near me or from the art I had created. All kinds of things healed: cancer, ruptured disks, diabetes, sprains, anger problems, anxiety, depression just to name a few. It was clear that I could intentionally allow the Divine to work through me while I was engaged in artmaking. 

Tammy Andersen angelic script with Archangel Gabriel for healing

Angelic script 4″x6″ Pencil

My curative art (paintings, drawings, and mixed media) are of images that have come by way of the Divine in order to either heal something, transform something or simply as a result of me experiencing life as the miracle it is. Curative art immerses the receiver in pure unconditional Divine love which has the power to create miracles. Through my art, I would like everybody to see the beauty in all things with gratitude and compassion; to know Divine truth in their hearts because that is the way of the Divine.

My past which could be perceived as a culmination of negative life experiences has instead become my inspiration for the way in which I choose to live my life. My life finally makes sense. Of course, Jesus was correct when he told me I was not finished with this lifetime. There was and still is so much I need to do, so many people I need to help, and so much more love to share. One of the ways I share Divine love with others is through my art.   


So…love, love and more love is what the human experience is all about!
Art makes it all more beautiful!


one stop healing shop logo


One Stop Healing Shop, LLC

After the Divine asked me to offer intuitive healing sessions and teach my work to others, I struggled to come up with a business name for my new healing venture when St. Germaine suggested “One Stop Healing Shop”. In hindsight, he was trying to tell me that spiritual healing is all encompassing. The angelic work that I was taught by the Divine, could indeed heal anything on any level. Everybody loved the name, so it stuck for ten years. Since then, I have used www.OneStopHealingShop.com to display my services and classes as well as list practitioners. But, things change and people evolve, so…

With the release of Healed By Angels (the book), I made the leap into branding myself. www.TammyAndersen.com will showcase my current services, courses, and curative artwork. I continue to do Divine Coding, refining the way I work and working at deeper levels each year. God is my primary guide, along with Jesus and the hierarchy of angels.

At one point, I attuned others to Divine Coding but I no longer teach Divine Coding because it would be a disservice to the people I serve. In place of the Divine Coding Training Program, I now teach Healed By Angels (the program that teaches you how to heal yourself), God Energy (Certification program that teaches you to become a Certified Intuitive Healer), and the Four Sacred Truths (Divine truth to live by for a better life).

www.OneStopHealingShop.com is now a place for spiritually like-minded people to gather. It will be a place to showcase Certified Intuitive Healers and Divine Emissary Practitioners who have been trained by me, as well as a place to find spiritually based products to help surround you in Divine love.

Intuitive Soul Healing and the Spiritual teachings that accompany it are very serious in nature. I approach my work with the highest regard to spiritual ethics and etiquette which adds another layer of seriousness. However, I also think it is important for you to know who I am as a person, and not just as a conduit for the Divine.

It is important to laugh and have fun with the human condition so we don’t get stuck in the seriousness of it. Curiosity and play come about when you can make light of a situation, no matter how serious it is. In this way, you automatically create energetic movement which is imperative for healing.



   I am inspired by people who make a positive impact on people’s lives and challenge viewpoints in a healthy way….people who ultimately add to the collective love of the universe.

   I was raised by an open-minded feminist, and am a bit of a woman’s rights person myself…maybe more like seeing everybody as equal no matter what race, gender, or creed they belong to. We all deserve love! The feeling I get from being the love that I am motivates me.

   It is my nature to share my knowledge and gifts with others, and I love helping people who want help. My greatest enjoyment is seeing transformations happen and feeling the gratitude afterwards. Even after years of doing this work, I am always in awe of the Divine. I have committed my life to this work and seriously live and breathe it! This is what feeds me!


♥   My favorite colors are the rainbow spectrum!!! How is that for being specific! Currently, I seem to gravitate towards the purples…love ’em, love ’em, love ’em!

♥   My taste is fairly eclectic when it comes to art and music. Right now I am loving art with bright colors that make me feel energetic and happy to be alive and music by female artists like Adele.

   I love to see new places, meet people, hear others stories, and share love.

   I love, love, love baby animals…people too, but baby puppies and elephants are way too adorable!

   At the end of the day, I am most comforted by looking into the depths of my partner’s beautiful blue eyes and knowing how much I am loved.

Less than Love

   I still dislike having dental work done, but tolerate it much better than I once did. I have an awesome dentist in Florida.

   I don’t like to see people suffer…especially children and animals. I want everybody to feel loved.

   What we as humans have done to Mother Earth saddens me more than I could even express in words.


   As a kid, I raised and showed small animals like mice, hamsters, and guinea pigs. I spent most of my time showing horses.

   Currently, I love to play with Photoshop, experiment with art stuff, and hunt for treasures while walking along the gulf beaches of Florida.

   I love trying new recipes, but not always new foods. I eat mostly organic and when I eat meat or poultry (because of needing extra protein) it is also humanely farm raised.

  I love to laugh and have fun. You might find me playing games, laughing out loud at a movie, or making fun of silly human behaviors (usually my own).


   I have lived in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Wisconsin and Florida. My best memories of all of them involve exploring nature, whether it involved riding horses through WI forests or volcanoes in Hawaii, or walking on beaches, seeing waterfalls, or hiking.

♥   I thought it was normal to talk to people and animals who were no longer in physical form until I was eight. I was told not to do it because people would think i was crazy. My great Grandmother was institutionalized for doing mediumship and psychic readings.

♥   After the accident, I could no longer become an equine veterinarian so I became a dog groomer and showed dogs for several years before I went to school to become an art therapist.

   I was married to a man for over twenty years which seems like a lifetime ago.

And, my very favorite thing about my life…

♥   Words cannot describe how blessed I feel everyday for the Divine beings who saved my life more than once, who continue to guide me each day, and who help you heal through me. This is the epitome of gratitude!